March 2010

Does it offend you? Or make you think?

There is always controversy when it comes to animal rights advertising. In the United States PETA is responsible for creating some pretty attention grabbing campaigns. Most of the time they feature a naked celebrity, claiming they’d “rather go naked than wear fur.” If you thought this was shocking you should see what some animal rights groups are doing overseas. A group called, “Humans for Animals”, has produced some extremely shocking advertisements which were created by TBWA in Paris. The ad is set in an arctic location. It features an image of an adult seal killing a human baby. In the bottom corner it reads, “Don’t treat other’s the way you don’t want to be treated.” The purpose it to show that it is not right how humans kill baby seals. It is showing the roles reversed. At first glance, it is extremely hard to look at because it is incredibly saddening. However…it really makes you think. What do you think of this ad? Does it offend you? Or do you think it really gets the point across?

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Why should YOU be a TAC member? What does it have to offer?

Hi everybody! This week I got an inside perspective on what it’s like to be a member of TAC, and learned about some of the great things they do. Since I am not in TAC, I thought it would be helpful not only for myself, but for other students, to see what opportunities the organization has to offer. I conducted an interview with Lindsay Gallagher, age 23, and she had a very helpful and interesting perspective on this topic.

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A veteran in the industry shares his experience

A few of us from the blog team just left a room from listening to a fabulous guest speaker here at Temple. His name is Ted Regan, and he’s had a successful career in the advertising industry for over 30 years now. For the majority of his career, he worked at N.W. Ayer, which was the first advertising agency in the U.S. located in Philadelphia. In 1973, it  moved to New York. He was a copywriter there, and then went on to become a creative director. He was very informative due to his great knowledge of the business, which comes from a lot of experience.

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Social Media in Action

Today JetBlue airlines surprised it’s Twitter followers by announcing that they would be giving out free airfare in Manhattan. The only perk is that you have to “find” them.

This is a perfect example of how businesses are beginning to incorporate social media into their advertisement and marketing plans. The idea here is not to promote yourself or your products but instead to offer customers a benefit and value for following your brand. This in turn can help with customer loyalty and maybe even word-of-mouth advertisement.

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"A Virtual Call To Action"

As Temple students, many of us have traveled to the heart of the city only to be greeted by the scent of putrid air and homeless men and women searching for their next meal in a garbage can. Clearly these people are in need of help, but like many problems they go unnoticed. Agency Sarkissian Mason has created a virtual version of a homeless man to aware pedestrians walking the city streets how easy it is to help out someone whose is homeless. Instead of including an awkwardly place headline, a message pops up asking for people to move the virtual man by sending in a text message. The displays serves as an advertisement for Pathways to Housing and urges participating pedestrians to donate to the organization via text message. Clever?

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"The Most Interesting Man In The World"…sells beer?

King of Creation Myths!

We have a cliché in advertising that goes like this, “Don’t sell the steak. Sell the sizzle.” In a previous post I offered some opinions about Nationwide’s “The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World” and Geico’s caveman. In my opinion, the caveman is the greatest spokesperson. Both Nationwide and Geico promote their brands in a current context, but the caveman is rooted in science and history. However, I said that I thought there was someone better. That brings me to Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World.” What sets him apart is that his story is told retroactively.

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Are You "In" the loop?

Social Media sites such as Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed the way we communicate with others and the way businesses communicate with us. Nowadays, any business large or small can create a profile on a social media site to connect with consumers. These profiles allow businesses to give their followers access to special offers, updates and benefits that are generally unable to be placed within a traditional ad. Companies ranging from large to local, such as Apple and Insomnia Cookies, are all owners of Facebook, Twitter & Myspace profiles. These social media networks allow companies to build a loyal fan base, generate buzz and relate to their customers. As the number one web industry, social media shows no signs of slowing down.

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Crossing the line? Gay dating ad banned by CBS

I recently came across a banned Superbowl advertisement for, a website where gay males can interact. This commercial definitely catches you off guard, makes you laugh, and shocks you a bit. CBS apparently thought the ad was too risky to run, and stated it “is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” When the commercial begins, it is two men sitting on a couch watching football. Then, when their hands touch suddenly in the chip bowl, they look at each other and start making out. Completely unexpected, and very funny. The main issue at stake was that it featured two men kissing. Some people argued that it was unfair because they show a man and a woman kissing all the time on TV. Why couldn’t they show two men? Take a look at this ad, what does it make you think? Do you like it, and think it should have aired? Or do you side with CBS?

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Philly Ad Club Media Crawl Feb. 2010

I attended the Philly Ad Club Media Crawl. Philly Ad Club hosts many of these ‘Crawls’ reaching out to companies specifically in Philadelphia. During this event we visited Philadelphia Business Journal, CBS Radio, KYW Radio, and Fox 29. This was a great experience to gain knowledge in this specific industry. As a college student looking for internships and job opportunities each company provided helpful information on how to apply, and specific things that they look for. Here are some YouTube clips from the employees who spoke to us.

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Internship Interview #1: Alex Riley & Harmelin Media



Hi everyone! My name is Devan West, and I am a senior studying advertising at Temple. We all know how important it is, especially in this major, to have an internship. After all, it is a requirement in the curriculum. Currently, many students in the advertising department hold internships at some of the most prominent companies in Philadelphia. I will be sitting down with the students in these positions weekly in order to give others a better insight of what it’s like. This week I got to sit down and talk with Alex Riley, 21, who is in the account management track of the advertising department.

DW: “Hi Alex, where are you currently interning?”

AR: “I’m interning at Harmelin Media.”

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There are many “Shock Advertisements” going around. This Ad was created by an advertising agency, Serve, that Family Violence Partnership hired. This advertisement is to make people more aware of the rising acts of statutory rape, specifically in Milwaukee, where it is being found more prominent. Is this something that should be advertised? Is this effective?What are your views?

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