April 2010

Shooters Production Studio visit

I attended a very informative, and extremely interesting visit to Shooters Post & Transfer recently. Shooters is a production studio here in Philadelphia, located in the Curtis Center. The Curtis Center in itself is a beautiful building, but when the doors opened to the 10th floor, i was amazed. The office at shooters is very large, and spacious. The walls are splashed in bright vibrant colors, and the atmosphere is very trendy and modern. When we got there, we met some of the staff members who took us through what Shooters does. They showed us samples of their work first, and explained to us how they do commercials, movies, viral videos, and much more. They didn’t start as an advertising agency, but they have come to sort of double as one. They are able to shape brands through the use of viral video tactics, commercials, and product placement. And they come up with these ideas for brands internally, with their creative staff. They also showed us what the process is they go through when creating these productions. It moved from concepts, to sets, to editing, color correcting, and audio editing. They even showed us how they can create virtual sets for clients with special effects. This is a great feature they offer because it allows the client to create anything they can imagine basically. With all of their technology, the possibilities to what they can create is virtually endless. I think it was really insightful to visit Shooters because it gave a glimpse into what other jobs are out there for advertising majors. They have art directors on staff, as well as account management people to deal with clients. The advice that one of the staff members left us with is to never stop learning. In this field the technology is advancing every day, and if you want to succeed, you have to be on top of it. In advertising, there is always room to advance, always new ways to reach the people.

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Bob Garfield retires

Bob Garfield

Bob Garfield, a prominent writer for Ad Age, has decided to retire. He writes the column, Ad Review on the website, and is highly respected in the industry. He recently posted a fair well write up, entitled, “Garfield Says Adieu“. It is extremely well written and insightful. He tells his own story of how he got to be where he is today. He also discusses some of the worst ads he has seen throughout his career. And as a highly respected ad critic, his opinion could make or break some companies. He said that one of the most offensive ads he has ever seen was for For Eyes Optical in 1994. Before he wrote a column about how terrible it was, he actually called the ad agency who produced it, and advised them to pull the campaign. He said it was, “a humanitarian gesture, you might say.”

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Vintage Beer Ads

Today, there are many regulations in the advertising of alcohol. Before these laws were put into place, there were many ads put out that seem shocking today. Perhaps the most shocking I came across is an ad for Blatz Beer. It features a mother with her baby, and tries to promote Blatz Beer as a nourishing, essential drink for mothers and babies. It claims to provide benefits for the mother, which the baby will in turn feel as well. It just seems so shocking; I cannot believe this was ever a real advertisement. You would never see anything like this today, that’s for sure!

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