November 2010

Cottage Industries: The Concept and the Implementation

As a brief introduction to interning at Anthropologie, I will briefly describe how the store is set up and what the visual arts department is responsible for.  When I first came to Anthropologie, the store was split up into 5 sections located in various areas of the store.  Each section came with a visual concept.  These concepts change several times a year depending on the month and upcoming seasons.  Starting in August, two of the main concepts I was involved with working on were called Fieldhouse and Cottage Industries.  I will be discussing the process of putting together Cottage Industries.

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City Year Greater Philadelphia Internship

As the first of the 3 rolling admission deadlines approaches, City Year stepped into high gear to reach their quota of applications for the year. The application process isn’t easy, after 1000 applicants submitted applications last year a little over 200 were picked for this year’s service opportunity. The last couple of weeks my internship was filled with e-mailing, posting, and career fairs. Through massive e-mails, I was successfully able to set up over 20 classroom presentations and currently working on various meetings with different organizations on campus. The work I’m doing is helping to build awareness and help City Year not only recruit people for a year of service, but reminding people of the importance of giving back to their community.

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Are newspapers making a comeback?

Throughout the past few years, there has been lots of talk about newspapers as a dying media. We hear it in our classes, in media articles, and even in newspapers!  But although there has been lots of talk about print media diminishing, especially newspapers, as I learned today, newspapers are still being used! Today at Harmelin I was given the task of checking the advertising rates of various newspapers for a specific client.  I learned how newspapers and media buyers determine the rates of different advertisement spaces in newspapers and how a media buyer goes about purchasing advertising space in a newspaper.  I was shown the program that is used to execute a buy by creating a newspaper avail sheet.  It was nice to finally get experience working with print media.  Although, print may not be as prominent of a medium as others, for now it is still being used for advertising campaigns and should be recognized.

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TAC: Art & Copy Screening

At this week’s meeting we did something a little bit different. It was movie night at TAC! For those who came out we got a chance to watch Art & Copy, a film about the advertising industry. It covered everything from big companies and agencies to the workers who put up billboards. Famous campaigns such as Got Milk?, Nike, Apple’s famous 1984 commercial, and the Volkswagen Beetle were featured throughout the film. I personally enjoyed the movie and was further assured on why I wanted to be in this industry. One quote that stuck out to me from the movie:

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Honest to Goodness Lunches May be Too Honest

“Honest to Goodness” is a new campaign from Healthy Choice. It demands more attention than the previous campaign with Julia Louis Dreyfus. It’s easier to sell an idea with unknowns than it is with a celebrity. What about people who don’t care for a particular celebrity? It creates an instant disconnect from the product. There’s no prior expectation with unknown actors. That’s not to say that celebrities don’t help, but the product should bare most of the liability. It should be able to stand on it’s own.

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TAC Update: Quaker City Mercantile

This week at TAC, we had a guest speaker come from Quaker City Mercantile, a top branding agency in Philadelphia. Nicole Hutnyk, a branding manager and account manager, explained Quaker City Mercantile as an agency that covers all phases of development from packaging, multimedia, social networking, and viral. The main goal at Quaker City Mercantile is to create and sustain brands which leads to their philosophy; “A brand isn’t sustainable if it doesn’t tell a certain kind of truth”.

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It has been almost two months since I started interning at Maiden Media and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. For those of you who might want to intern at Maiden, here’s a short list to summarize what I’ve witnessed there:

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Getting cozy in Old City

Maiden Media is a new resident to Old City Philadelphia.  The agency originated in Princeton, NJ and made the move to the city of brotherly love just this past summer in hopes to grow from the many opportunities Philly offers.  Being located in NJ, their clients were from the area and there wasn’t much room for growth.  Since the move, Maiden has really begun to make their mark in Philadelphia. The agency has already attended Philadelphia Ad Club events in order to network with the Philly Ad scene as well as meet other businesses in the area.  Being a startup and just over a year old, Maiden recognizes the importance of being noticed and takes advantage of opportunities to do so. They really want to be part of Philadelphia. With the move to their new location in Old City, Maiden has added a handful of local businesses to their client list.   Local shops and even a resident who lives next to the office looking to start up his own business are among the locals on Maiden’s list.  The clients expressed their need for advertising work and thought it almost perfect that Maiden happened to stumble upon the vacant office spot when they did.  Local businesses are important for Maiden since they are so new to the area.  By adding locals to their client base, it gives potential clients in Philadelphia a comfort feeling knowing that other business in Philadelphia trust and have had a good experience working with the new agency.  Maiden continues to reach out to Philadelphians in any way they can and really make a mark in the city.

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Halloween at Cities2night.

I have been interning at Cities2night for about a little over a month and we just successfully completed our big promotional event for Halloween. The event was a scavenger hunt and it took place at  8 different bars on South St with a grand prize of a gift certificate for $250 . It seems like something pretty basic but  alot of time, effort and hard work went into making this event happen. We had to call venues, get into contact with the company Scvnger, who is the leader in scavenger hunts apps for your cell phone, we had to print flyers and poster and most importantly we had to promote, promote and promote some more via facebook, twitter, etc. The entire staff and interns have been quite busy preparing for this event. At the event even though the cities2night staff was in charge the interns were in control of what was to happen that night. We had to setup,  hang clues and flyers. We also had to sign-in and register everyone who was playing. The event was successful but at times it was chaotic, especially  dealing with people who might had too much to drink that night at the bar. I liked the fact that the interns including myself were in control of the event rather than just taking orders. You are able to notice every detail which makes you push for perfection. This experience overall has taught me that even the smallest of projects or events require a huge amount of attention.  I one day may want to find a career in event planning or event marketing and I realize that to have a successful event it takes a very strong and hardworking team on your side to make everything happen. You definitely can not accomplish much on your own especially when planing something for hundreds of people or maybe even more.

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