February 2011

The Adjustment Bureau *REVIEW*

One of the coolest things about going to Temple is all of the opportunities we get to watch free early screenings of movies. The Adjustment Bureau was more of a love story as opposed to an action packed film but it was interesting nonetheless. It will make you question minor things that happen in life that to you are meaningless but in reality are guiding you down the path to your destiny. The Adjustment Bureau gets a rating of 4 out of 5 from me.

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Soda’s So Stylish

The soda and beer industry are using a variety of new methods to promote their low-cal variations of beverages. Two “cans” that stand out especially are Michelob Ultra, and the newest 10-calorie Dr Pepper TEN. Michelob, known as one of the lowest calorie beers on the market, now has cans that are tall and thin, as opposed to the standard stout, cylinder cans we have all always known. This method of advertising is subtle and clever, as it implies skinniness without having to say it; it is recognized every time someone picks up the can to take a sip.

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Two 1 Five Design Group

I’ve been interning at Two 1 Five Design Group for couple of weeks now. I think it’s different from other internships because not only do you learn your responsibility but the responsibility of the whole process from start to finish. It’s basically a learning experience to teach you how to start your own business and run your own company. I’ve been learning lot of different ways to catch the eye and play with how the eye reads using contrast and other principles. The company handles more internet and paper ads rather than television. I see that there are lot of branding and advertising efforts across all of the clients he’s had. I’m still learning a lot and gaining knowledge every time I go. Trying to balance school and the internship is a bit hard but what I always have a problem with is should my internship matter more because it’s the “real world”? Who knows. . .

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Who Loves Ya?

This is my second semester interning at LevLane. I work with the media department to buy, plan, and track media for our clients KFC, Taco Bell, Kennedy Health and others. For the last couple of months I have been working on Overnights, creating media proposals, and invoicing. I recently did my first completed media plan and buy myself. It felt awesome! I completed the proposal to the client, he approved the plan, and I made the buy. It is really satisfying knowing that what I am doing on a day to day basis is something that I could see in the real world and go “I did that!” Now I am not in advertising to just see my results and be able to brag about it, but the fact that I am still a student and doing that makes the internship program here invaluable. Everyone I work with on a day to day basis at LevLane are willing to help me in anyway I need.

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Parkinson Council Upcoming Events

The Parkinson Council has an upcoming event that many might be interested in. As you all know by now, I am interning with the Parkinson Council, helping them advertise for these upcoming events. The first major event is on April 16th 2011, the 10th annual Walk for Parkinson’s in Philadelphia. Registration for the event can be done online at www.theparkinsoncouncil.org  under the Stamp Out Parkinson subpage. The walk will begin rain or shine at Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive at 9 am. For more information about this event you can contact the Parkinson Council’s  at 610- 668- 4292.

Save To Date: Monday, June 27th Parkinson Council’s Golf Classic

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Revisions and clients and deadlines – Oh my!

It was only a matter of time before I encountered my first deadline experience in the “real” world of advertising. The word “deadline” originated in 1855, and referred to “a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.” A bit extreme when we think of a deadline in today’s context, nevertheless the consequences of missing a deadline very well may compare.

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New Identity Design: ‘All About Tea’

The agency Moving Brands, created this new identity for “All About Tea” based in Portsmouth, UK.

Their execution makes sense based on the brief: “Moving Brands were tasked with creating a new identity that would stand out in a “sea of sameness.” The identity needed to work effectively across their existing wholesale market, and enable them to grow into retail channels. It was also vital to communicate the founder’s passion for the art and intricacies of tea.”

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Writing Your “About Me” Page

It’s a good idea to have some sort of online presence outside of Facebook.  A blog is an excellent way to showcase your unique tastes and talents. Every blog has (or should have) an About Me page. This allows users to get a quick insight into you and your background. Even if you don’t create a blog, chances are you’re going to have to define yourself some time in the near future.

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Art & Copy: An Independent Lens

I watched something cool on PBS recently, that I think everyone will find to be very interesting! Check out “Art & Copy: An Independent Lens.” It’s an extremely interesting documentary about Advertising in which you “find out how they [the major faces in advertising] changed the way we see, feel, dream, buy. The story behind the real mad men and women; where they came from and where they’re taking us.” This film will be of especial interest to those of you who are communications majors, AND even those individuals who have nothing to do with advertising, but want to watch a really awesome documentary! Watch the trailer for the film here!
Cool reference: Advertising is poison gas–it should cheer you up, choke you, give you the chills, and maybe make you pass out when you watch it.
As an individual of the creative field, I can identify with this concept quoted from the film:
“The thing about being a creative person, is that you can’t necessarily explain where your thoughts came from then, nor can you predict where they are going to come from tomorrow.”

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Social Media Monopoly

Social Media Monopoly

The first word that came to my mind when I read the first sentence of an article on BiteDaily and saw the first image of this article was the word brilliant. This is not an exaggeration, I truly was just jealous of someone else being able to come up with such a good idea that I wish would have entered my mind at some point with all of this social media floating around in my personal world on a daily basis.

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Sexuality and Art: An often misunderstood, misguided part of history

I had the opportunity this afternoon to attend Jonathan Katz’s lecture at Tyler sponsored by the Department of Art History.*

Dr. Jonathan Katz, co-curator of “Hide/Seek” and Chair, Visual Studies Doctoral Program, SUNY, Buffalo gave a lecture entitled “Eleven Seconds out of 113 Years:  An(ant)tomy of a Conflict.” The talk, which was followed by a question-and-answer session, addressed the stakes of our repeated cultural skirmishes over the depiction of same sex desire and why Katz now understands this latest flare up as an unprecedented, and definitive, victory.

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Rebranding Breakfast

Through my supermarket travels, I’ve taken notice of an interesting trend that’s happening in the breakfast cereal aisle.

Retro rebranding appears to be the newest strategy breakfast cereal manufacturers are employing to attract consumers.

Other attempts–such as low sugar alternatives and high in fiber varieties–haven’t  helped stimulate growth in the marketplace.

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So, what’s up with the iPad anyway?

As an advertising student on the copywriting track, there is no question about it– I am on the computer ALL THE TIME. Whether I am accessing e-mail through my blackberry, or using Photo Shop on my Macbook Pro, there is almost always an electronic device in front of my face (I shudder to think what this is doing to my eyes/brain). Despite all this screen time, I still can’t fathom a need for the iPad! A smart phone (especially an iPhone) can be used to view PDF’s, send and receive e-mails, go onto virtually all websites, and manage scheduling. A laptop (especially the newer, super light ones) are extremely portable, and can do EVERYTHING one could possibly need to do on a computer. Where does the iPad fit into this? After trying it out, there is little that feels “easy” about typing on the keyboard, and the only thing that it can do which my blackberry can’t is watch television shows and movies online (which I probably don’t need to be doing if I am not at home with my laptop anyway).

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Internship at Weston Fitness

I started Weston Fitness about 2 weeks ago and everything is going well thus far. My name is Brianna and I am currently an Advertising student with a focus in Art Direction. I will be graduating in May and this is my third internship in the fields of production and advertising. My current projects at Weston Fitness include setting up a new advertisement to promote their gym and try to get people to come join. The ad is for March and is still in the works. Along with that, we are hosting a health fair this upcoming Monday. We will be partnering with KPMG Accounting to promote a healthier and better life to their 750plus employees. At this point, we are confirming other health conscious vendors to make this event more successful. Thus far, we have about 10 vendors that will promote their brand and pass out beneficial coupons or products to the KPMG employees that attend. Since I am an advertising student focusing in Art Direction, I find myself dealing with less art direction ideas, and more public relation tasks. However, I have come to enjoy promoting this gym as well as, having the ability to network with other companies and see how they are run and organized. Therefore, my experience may not have been what I expected, but it has been an effective learning tool for my future. I now feel more comfortable with creating events and talking to other companies via phone and/or email.  Overall, it has been a great experience and I hope it continues to improve my networking skills.

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Internship at Creative Video

Creative Video

So far at Creative Video, I’ve learned how to work in programs like Edius and eventually After Effects. I was hired as a graphic designer but has had the opportunity to work in video production because of experience I’ve gained from MURL, the capstone Journalism course. I think the best part of having an internship is working outside of the classroom; being able to learn exactly what’s going on in the field. I love going to my internship and this helps remind me that I’ve made a great decision to go into this field. I love art and design but I was never sure what I wanted to do in life until recently. After reading many job and course descriptions, I finally decided to take up the Advertising major and put forth in my life. I’m having a great time in my internship. I learn new ways to produce videos. I will soon be working Photoshop and After Effects. I hope to even travel to several events in the future. One of the events they went to was in Las Vegas, Nevada and who would want to pass that opportunity up!

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Starring Eminem: Super Bowl Ads 2011

This super bowl series of commercials was filled with themes of violence, nostalgia, references to the actual making of a commercial (within a commercial), the havock that may ensue while house-sitting, and…. Eminem? The rapper’s first appearance came in the form of a half-cartoon-character version of Eminem, starring in a Brisk commercial. The next ad in which Eminem starred was Chrysler’s “Motor City” spot. Unfortunately for Chrysler, the angry character figure of Eminem from Brisk who appeared first in the series of ads ended the commercial furiously screaming “SEE?! THIS IS WHY I DON’T DO COMMERCIALS!”… And then a few minutes later, took on the serious role of a rapper from Detroit for Chrysler.

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