April 2011

I wear many intern hats

I wear many intern hats here at Quaker City Mercantile. As I’ve stated before, everyday is different here at the agency. I’ve recently been trusted to proofread various pieces we are going to send out to our clients. For example, one client of ours is TYR (the swim company) and I was asked to proofread the magazine we would present to the client. It was very interesting reading through the magazine since I got to learn about all the different styles of goggles from Aquasockets to Hydrospex. This is what I love about advertising. You are able to learn about and become expert on so many different things based on your clients.

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Internship @ Fox Update

It has been about three months since I have started interning, which is so hard to believe! I cannot get over how fast the semester has been flying by. I am delighted to say that I have been enjoying my position as a Marketing/PR intern in the Dean’s Suite at Fox. Each day I am giving new duties, which keeps things interesting for me because I am experiencing everything that goes on in making a company operate.

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Webby Awards 2011

The Webbys is an award show celebrating excellence on the Internet. And since the medium is virutally endless, they’ve broken it down into several categories: Websites, Online film & video, Interactive Advertising, and Mobile / Apps. From their, each section is broken down into (roughly) a million subcategories.

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Philly Ad Club Agency Crawl 2011

[ Submitted by Dani Masi, Advertising Copywriting Student :: tub49931@temple.edu ]

What better way to spend a rainy Friday afternoon then visiting Philadelphia ad agencies?

Friday was the annual Philly Ad Club Agency Crawl.  50 students from universities and colleges across the Philadelphia region gathered to “crawl” from ad agency to ad agency in Center City, touring their facilities and seeing reels of their work.  This was my second year as a “crawl” participant, and I was looking forward to the event for weeks.

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Zyrtec’s Gettin’ Desperate

An advertisement for Zyrtec popped up recently during an episode of Desperate Housewives on Hulu (yes, I still watch that show, ha-ha), and it’s desperate attempt to stand out against Allegra was disappointing. You can watch the commercial for yourself here, but I will describe it anyway: A businessman and his female coworker are walking through the park. The businessman sneezes, awkwardly flirts with his female coworker, and proceeds to pull out a bottle of fruit juice to take with his Allegra. “You can’t drink fruit juice with Allegra!” female coworker exclaims in a foreboding tone, “It says so right on the bottle. With Zyrtec, you can drink fruit juice!” (And, that’s all that is said about Zyrtec).

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It’s a balancing act

(my space, how it is, most of the time I’m at my internship)For all of you who can balance your school work, your internship, your job, and your personal life without pounds of chocolate and an IV of coffee, you are a robot and should not be reading this blog.

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Cocktails in Ancient Egypt on a Sunday Afternoon?








The agency I intern for, Quaker City Mercantile, attends various events where they showcase our products. On Sunday, March 13th I was lucky enough to work at the event entitled Brewer’s Plate at The University of Penn’s Museum of Anthropology. The event, which was a fundraiser for Fair Trade Foods, comprised of numerous local breweries and restaurants all coming together to offer yummy samples. The purpose of Quaker City to attend events such as this is for people to gain exposure on the unique organic liquors Quaker City’s store Art in the Age has to offer.

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KYW: The Promotion Side of Things

A part of the promotions coordinator/interns job is to call the prize winners from our KYW database.  See, on the KYW website you can register to win monthly prizes.  The prizes are various, from things such as gift certificates to restaurants, spas, etc to tickets to concerts, plays, operas, and other family outing stuff.  When people register they go into a database and a program called “Sticky Fish” chooses a winner at random.  Well, they usually give away one big prize every now and then and during the course of my internship it was a one week cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines.  And I got to be the one to call the winner and tell her!  Unfortunately, she wasn’t as enthused as I thought she would be.  In fact, she seemed very hesitant; like she may have thought it was a joke or something.  Anyway, usually when people do not claim their prizes the employees at KYW get to keep the leftovers.  I was secretly hoping this was the case for the cruise, however, it was not.  What actually happens is Sticky Fish chooses another, new winner.  If that person refuses, Sticky Fish will keep choosing until someone accepts it.  You think it would be a pretty easy acceptance, right?  A one week cruise on a gorgeous cruise line, just in time for summer.  All expenses paid- at least I thought so.  However, talking to my boss Nicole, she said that the winners are required to pay for the taxes which can go up to $2,000!  And with the economy being the way it is, some people don’t have the funds to just give up thousands of dollars and run off to vacation.

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