November 2011

Jenna Communications – My Fresh Start

My internship at Jenna Communications has definitely proved to a be an experience I was never accustomed to. As an advertising major, I am used to account management, designing ads, and creating outlandish campaigns. Jenna Communications on the contrast, is a public relations agency. Although it was not what I was accustomed to before this semester, my experience at Jenna Communications has definitely proved beneficial.

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Jack of All Trades

We’ve all been asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” more times than we can count. For me, it’s always a struggle to come up with a solid, satisfying answer.  The truth is, I’m interested in a lot of different things.  It’s hard for me to pick a career to spend 30 years in when there are other things that I could also be happy in.  I don’t know if anyone else in SCT feels the same- but that’s one of the features I found so great about our field.  We get the chance to learn something new everyday.  We, as advertisers, marketers, and public relations specialists have the opportunity to work for different companies all the time (so to speak).  At Silencia, the PR firm I’m working with right now, I have experienced several different types of businesses.  I’ve researched different types of hummus to get information about a client’s competition; I’ve learned about skin rejuvenation and spray tanning for another client–who’s interested and why they’d want to try it; and I created newsletters for Saxby’s coffee and had to learn about different types to understand why Saxby’s is unique.  I think we’ve got such exciting careers ahead of us- filled with opportunities to learn about everything. Who knows? Tomorrow we might pick up a client who sells organic chips or a client who runs a day care.  Does anyone else agree that this is one of the greatest parts of our field? Does anyone else get to work on different accounts and find it interesting to learn about so many different things?  In my mind, we’ve learned a trade- but we’ve got to tailor it every day to suit our different clients. I guess that makes us somewhat of a jack of all trades.

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Showbiz valuable but maybe not my choice for the future

Hey everyone my name is Alex Garcia and I’m in the Art Direction track. I’m currently an intern for philly2night where I do some of their design work and web sites. I’ve been interning there since the beginning of summer. I have to say it’s been a cool experience, I’ve learned a lot and it definitely showed me another branch of marketing/advertising, which would be the entertainment one. The thing is, is this where I want to be in the future? And I’m going to go with no. Why? Well even though we do design work, it’s really not that creative in the sense that it’s usually the same target audience and they reach them the same way most of the times. For example many bars just want the specials and basically hot girls on their promotions, I know sex sells but they like to advertise that way, it’s what the client wants, it’s their money. We are constrained to a certain point when we want to be creative. I’m not saying pass on an opportunity like this, because the way I like to see it is any experience is valuable, you can take good things out of everything and use it in the next place you work or intern. Internships also help you decide what kind of environment you want to work in and what kind of agency, so this is very helpful. For me, probably won’t be this type of place but I would like to go to a bigger agency and see how that works out.

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The Almighty GRID–Resources

CREATING A GRID is typically one of the very first things you do when starting a design. After all, it provides the basic structure on which the rest of your design will lie. They help you create sophisticated layout structures which offer more flexibility and enhance the visual experience of visitors to a website. Users can follow the consistency of the pages easier. Grids also help designers and art directors determine the hierarchy of elements on the page. How much space you give an element on the page corresponds to how much importance it has, and a grid helps with this process. This doesn’t apply solely to websites either, grids should be the basis of all designs. To learn more about designing with a grid and examples visit this article on smashing

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Philadelphia Magazine’s G Philly

Philadelphia Magazine participates in multiple events throughout the city to get their brand known. Out of the few events I volunteered for promoting G Philly magazine at Outfest. Philadelphia magazine’s G Philly has only had two issues since the first in spring and plans on having four to six issues a year. Outfest was a block party held on Sunday, October 9th and on behalf of the marketing department organized G Philly’s appearance. I was excited to be on board helping Philadelphia Magazine promote their newest issue of G Philly at the festival. The festival was from 12-6pm and on 11th Street to 13th Street(Walnut Street to Spruce Streets). Thousands of people come out for this outdoor block party – it is the largest National Coming out Day event in the region. There are a number of vendors ranging from food to local businesses to LGBT specific initiatives. It was interesting seeing the large range of people the festival attracted. The main objectives of the booth for G Philly magazine at Outfest included: 1) getting people to sign up for our enewsletters, especially pertaining to G Philly 2) providing a complimentary issue of the newest G Philly publication, 3) providing speaking points about the G Philly blog and 4) providing information about Philadelphia Magazine’s signature events. At the booth there was a prize wheel for guests to spin to enter for a chance to win tickets to some of Philadelphia Magazines signature events as well as a pair of tickets to the Q Comedy Festival. The O Comedy Festival featured comedy headlining from Alec Mapa who has appeared on TV shows Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives. The signature events included: Whiskey Festival, Philly Cooks, and Wine Festival. Overall, the event was a great opportunity to expose the public to G Philly Magazine. Volunteering and going above and beyond at an internship is a great way to get your name noticed. Since there are so many departments at Philadelphia magazine, it was a great opportunity to meet people outside of the department I intern for. I’m sad I won’t be able to attend any of the signature events because I am not 21 years old. Although I can look forward to it next year!

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Speak Up!! Your thoughts and ideas are valuable. Really.

This semester, I am interning with Silencia, a small public relations firm in center city Philadelphia.  When I started in late August, the owner had been asked to be a part of the public relations team for Eagle’s player Asante Samuel’s foundation, Bring it Home Moms.  Though I’m not a sports fanatic, I was still excited to accompany Aly, the owner, to a meeting at the Nova Care Center to meet with Asante and present our ideas.  Though I didn’t present, it was a great experience to see how one pitches an idea to the client and is prepared to work with their criticisms and sell the idea.  Randi, the woman presenting, was confident in her presentation and ideas, yet flexible.  It seemed as if her presentation was one of those ‘choose your own ending’ stories.  She had a reason for every decision and if that was satisfactory, she had an alternative plan, ready and waiting.    

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Design studios are everywhere because design is needed everywhere. It seems obvious, but when looking for jobs and places to live post-grad its a helpful reminder. Especially with the ever-increasing permeance of the Internet, small or rural design studios are able to have a larger and more diverse client base. New York and London are alluring, especially when you’re aiming for an career fast-track position. But there are often overlooked design studios that are just as prestigious as the ones in big cities, while being in the suburbs of less brand-name states means that you have more of a chance to stand out. Take, for example, Doe Eyed. They are a design studio headed by Eric Nyffeler and Michael Nielsen out of Lincoln, Nebraska (I’ve been there–its home to grain elevators painted with huge murals of steak, which is a selling point in itself). Doe Eyed has been around for a while and they consistently churn out beautiful design and illustration. Their client list includes Andrew Bird, the Roots, Iron&Wine, Yeasayer, The Mountain Goats and Superchunk; they’re featured in design books and magazines like the Big Book of Green Design, HOW Magazine, and GigPosters 2011 for their posters but they seem to be open to new mediums and enjoy a challenge. Smaller design studios = more chances to ask questions. Check out some of their work and keep Doe Eyed and places like them in mind; if you like driving, rural living might be a great opportunity to start a career.

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The Roots

Since I’m pretty sure most of the people who read this blog are under 60 and live in the Philadelphia area, I’m going to assume you’ve heard of The Roots. As one of the most influential bands to the funk, neo-soul and hip-hop zeitgeist of the last 10+ years, (I didn’t know it had been that long), The Roots have toured the globe. They regularly preform at sold-out shows, festivals, and events for thousands of people, but having only ever seen them once (at The Roots Picnic 2008 which was like a chilled out block party with a mosh pit instead of a Moon Bounce), it didn’t occur to me to look at them for design inspiration purposes. It should have; the Roots are Philadelphia born and bred and that means one thing: Style.

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DBC Launches new websites left + right

Since beginning my internship at Diccicco Battista Communications earlier this May, the entire creative team – web developers, writer, creative director and designer – have been hard at work on The Original Canal’s new website. The Original Canal’s, a liquor store based in South Jersey, is notorious for offering the lowest prices on beer + liquor allowed by the state of New Jersey. I, for one, think the new website is fantastic and successfully gives the brand a fresh, fun feel. Check it out at:

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Advertising Women of NY Career Conference

So this weekend I attended the 2 day AWNY ( Advertising Women of NY)  Career Conference in NYC and it was the best experience of my life to date. The career conference is an annual event that just gives college students and professionals in the advertising world a chance to network and even better, to learn from each other.
Day 1 started with a randomly selected agency visit to Ogilvy & Mather (!!!) where a small group of us were treated to 2 hour info session/Q&A with representatives from the Human Resources Department, current and past members of the  Associates program and current staffers.

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PENNED, Save the Date and Keep a Look out for Ticketing!


01/28/2012 at 9:00am | Temple Center City, Room 206, 1515 Market St., Philadelphia, PA

Save the date, and keep a look out for ticketing for PENNED!

Penned is a hands on lettering workshop with Ken Barber, presented by the Philadelphia chapter of AIGA. Learn from Ken Barber, an esteemed  letterer and type designer, in a group workshop and gain a stronger understanding of type and lettering by applying foundational letter-making principles firsthand. In the AM session: Hand Lettering in Graphic Design, you will learn how to create your own hand lettering and create your own one of a kind word marks. In the PM session: Creating and Designing with Prefabricated Letters, you will acquire a practical foundation for producing and implementing ready-made letters in various design contexts. To learn more about the Penned Event and Ken Barber visit the PENNED EVENT on AIGA PHILADELPHIA’S WEBSITE.

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Push Me Pull You Designs by Eleanor Grosch

While looking at TLA posters I came across the work of Eleanor Grosch and knew I had to share.  Push Me Pull You Designs, her semi-one-man illustration machine since 2005, does all types of design from greeting cards to apparel as well as branding, product design, and logo design. She makes amazing prints of animals, simplifying them into geometric shapes and colors that are basically just delightful and full of imagination. Her posters are made with the same imagination, but with fantastic typography and use of color added in. Check out some of her work, and then get on her Etsy and pick up some animal-themed stocking stuffers.

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Posters from Philly: TLA

Philadelphia is home to some great venues, (look out for a post on the Troc) but I have to say the Theater of Living Arts is one of my favorites. Located on 4th and South, its been around since the 70’s when it was an actual theater showing grindhouse films; today its a venue for mostly rock and hip-hop acts, although I go there a lot for electro shows as well. Its mid-size (about 1,000 people), easy to get to and home from, (even at 3 in the morning in un-sober states), and ticket prices through LiveNation are usually pretty good. What I like about this venue, and other venues of this size, is that they like to book bands that are just famous enough to be able to afford to pay for good posters. Bands that commission posters from BMOC design studios can play on the same stage as openers who paid a friend of a friend 50$ to make flyers, but both will be good designs. Here are some examples from

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Typography for the Web Webinar

Typography for the Web

Wednesday, December 7
12:00 p.m.

Typography for the web is a webinar, Part of AIGA’s and Adobe’s Webinar Series: “Breakthroughs: Where Inspiration and Technology Meet

Until recently, typography for the web was limited to a handful of overused screen-display fonts, but new font services are giving web designers the freedom to choose their typefaces and control their appearance without sacrificing web standards. In this webinar, moderator Callie Neylan will lead a discussion with Tim Brown, type manager for Typekit, about this “golden age” for web typography and how emerging technologies are improving web design.

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Pinterest: Discover and Organize your Inspiration By Creating Online Pinboards



My desktop was overloaded with images and I had too many bookmarks on my safari toolbar. That was until Professor Kantrowitz told me about Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool for aspiring advertising professionals and designers. I just started an account and I love it. Best of all, its free.

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2011 Open Studio Tours

 See what’s inside a professional design studio!

Design studios in the Philadelphia area are opening their doors to design students and welcome you to tour their facilities, ask lots of questions, and see what it’s like behind the scenes at your favorite studio! Food and Drinks are also provided.


Green Initiatives Presentation @ the Tech Center

Submitted by Shawn Carter:

This was a convenient event to attend considering it was located in the Temple University Tech Center, right on campus. The theme behind this presentation was “Green Initiatives”. The event was lead by Dan Noshery. We discussed how in the past, just a few short years ago efficiency of businesses and corporations was stalled by the fact that all the information they shared and collected had to be physically printed on paper. This process not only took long periods of time, but also contributed to the overall decline of the atmosphere. As time progressed and technology improved, electronic forms of data storage and sharing became available and increased the overall efficiency of the afore mentioned items.

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Creative Space for Creative People

“Business in the front, party in the back” – you know what I’m talking about.

This pretty much sums up the layout of DBC’s office space. We’ve discussed in many of our advertising classes the way that typical full-service advertising agencies are laid out. One floor for traffic, one floor for account services, another for creative, and so on. At DBC, the creative may not have their own floor, but everyone collectively shares one creative space. In the front of the office lives the media, PR, and account services, and in the back, resides the wondrous creative department.

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Philadelphia Magazine

Hi! My name is Mary and I am one of the few Advertising Sales interns at Philadelphia magazine. I am a rising Junior majoring in advertising. Next semester I will be on the account management track.
I have always been an avid reader of magazines, but I have never been an active reader of Philadelphia magazine before applying. I ended up applying for Philadelphia magazine last-minute without any expectations. I had  high hopes of receiving an interview and soon enough I got it! I had no experience in any other internship work, but thought it would be a great start to learn about the magazine industry. I was clueless how the industry ran before coming into work. Everything was overwhelming at first with the 9-5 hours sitting in my own cubby with a computer.
The idea of working for Philadelphia magazine became surreal when I saw my name listed in the magazine under the intern section. Since then I cherish every day working there. Interning should be fun and I have learned so much from this experience so far! Most of the girls that intern and work with me in my department are around my age. Some of them received jobs right after college or grad school after interning with Philadelphia magazine while others got lucky. So it gives me a great opportunity to receive input and recommendations from them. One of the girls I intern with recently interned with Teen Vogue over the summer in the marketing department and it’s insightful learning how that experience was for her. Her tasks were very different because of the magazine’s popularity and exposure. It’s a dream to work for a magazine like Teen Vogue one day.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I am only six weeks in interning with Philadelphia magazine, but I am more determined and focused to pursue a future career in the magazine industry.
I recommend to anyone looking for an internship to apply for an internship you see yourself working at in the future. Connections and networking are going to get you far. By having the knowledge and experience you gain a step up over others with no experience. Otherwise have fun and always have a positive attitude!

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“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart”

Being in an intern for the circulation department of Philadelphia Magazine was not all that I thought it would be. I take phone calls, send out magazines, file through the mail, charge credit cards, all of the typical “intern” work. Day after day my days were starting to become more repetitive, even after I asked for other work to do. One afternoon, while I was sitting in my cubicle away from everyone else, I decided that I needed to change what I was doing. I wasn’t meeting anyone, going out and showing my potential to other people, or even learning about the office itself. I knew I had much more to offer to the company then just writing people’s names onto letters, so instead I made my way over to Philadelphia Magazine’s, Philadelphia Wedding, to get my name known.

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Savvy Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is becoming an essential part of most marketing projects. This area of advertising leaves room for creative ideas and unique market opportunities which I have had the opportunity to begin working in through my internship at AdBox360, an Internet Marketing Company.  My first account began with our main client Jack’s Rental Search, a Facebook page that allows students in universities nationwide to search for off campus housing conveniently and socially.

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Teaching High School Advertising

Always the student, I never realized what it was like to be the one in front of the classroom. From brainstorming the content of this course and imagining its potential to seeing it become a reality, was such an enlightening experience. Being only a sophomore, it wasn’t in my original plan to take on an independent study course so early on and become a peer advisor at that; fortunately, it was the best decision I could have made. I believe our ability to to work together and our diversity compliments our expectations for the future -advertising.
It gives me a warm feeling inside to know other people are so passionate about something I love as well and that we are able to share that quality with the high school students. So far, yes there are challenges and yes there are situations we did not expect to encounter, but I feel that’s one of the best lessons we can gain from the experience. Dealing with the unexpected and working through each week to make sure that, no matter what, the high school students enjoy their time with us; most importantly learn something. I appreciate this program because I only wish there was something like this available when I was in high school. It would have saved me a lot of time debating what I wanted to do with my life. I appreciate that I could trust everyone in the class to do their part and work hard for its success. I appreciate that we are the first students able to take part in a course like this, that we can make a name for it, and be the example for semesters to come if this program continues. I will leave you with a quote, “Tomorrow does not reflect on the person you were yesterday, but the person you are today. Remember yesterday. Learn today. Teach tomorrow. Repeat.” -Amy Fiore

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