August 2012

First day at TEEN VOGUE

It was May 29, 2012 when I walked into the doors of the Conde Nast building with dozens of other interns from various magazines. It didn’t feel like real life to me. I went to the front desk where I asked for my contact and was given a guest pass. When I arrived to the TEEN VOGUE floor, all that was in the lobby with a phone. I realized that I needed to contact the person when I arrived but her name was not on the extension list. It was almost surreal that I had to go about figuring this out, on the other hand, I knew that this is what my internship would entail… difficult tasks that I would encounter. I thrive off of things such as this. I knew right away that I would have a great summer.

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Interning at the March of Dimes

For the past few months I have spent my days interning at the March of Dimes King of Prussia office.  As this was my first internship, I was unsure of what to expect.  This entire experience from start to finish has not only pushed me outside of my comfort zone but has also helped me realize how much I enjoy working with people, ultimately opening new doors for career paths after graduating.  The March of Dimes is truly a lovely organization.  The people I have worked side by side with for this summer have taught me really how rewarding it is be a part of the non-profit world.

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Learning to Grow Thick Skin…

On June 11th when I began working as a sales intern for Cintas Corporation I had a general idea of what my roles and responsibilities would include. What I didn’t realize at that time was how much these daily duties would allow me to evolve, not only a sales intern but also as an individual. After a few weeks of sitting behind my desk and mailing out direct marketing to potential prospects for the company, I have to admit my 9 to 5 started to become a bit robotic. I was still getting paid so there wasn’t too much room for me to complain. However, I started to find myself just going through the motions and at times making multiple break room and coffee runs just to keep myself moving. After a couple weeks of going through monotonous and dull administrative duties, it all came to a close when my boss approached me with the remark, “Lets get you the phones.” I was so excited to be shaking things up that I didn’t even consider how demanding my next couple weeks on the phones would be. Although to be fair, I should of gotten an idea when my boss also suggested me to watch the movie “Boiler Room” thereafter. On the phones my goal was simple, set up appointments for the reps on my sales team. Setting the appointments however was not as easy and required me to build up a short-term memory. I had to learn to be quick on my feet, deal with objections and not to dwell on lost calls or rejections but rather learn how to handle them better on the next dial. The experience helped me learn to grow thicker skin when needed and not to waste my words. With three weeks left in my internship I’m excited to build off of my phone experiences.

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Making the Client/Customer Happy: A Very Good Skill

My internship with Hamilton Jewelers of Insignia is not centered around advertising, however I am taking away great skills that will only improve me as a worker.  When talking to customers on phones all day long, problems do arise.  There will always be those people that like to cause chaos and are unnecessarily rude, however I had to learn to deal with those people in a very polite and calming way, and then I had to figure out how to solve the problem.  Since my track is management, I will hopefully be working in an agency, and therefore I will be surrounded by people all day long.  I will have to work with- not only clients- but coworkers within the agency.  I want to be the kind of person that is approachable and reliable and easy to talk to.  Gaining these skills now will help me in future interviews and even tough situations.  The best feeling is talking to a customer and hearing at the end of the conversation about how pleased they are and how much they appreciated my help.  Those small kind words make my day, and they completely eliminate any rude comments I have received during the day.  These skills I am gaining from talking to customers also helps when it comes to discussing things with my coworkers.  There are a variety of age levels in my office, so everyone communicates differently.  I have learned to communicate everything with everyone.  The worst situation is when a customer calls and says they were talking to one person, and then I have no idea who it was or where I can find that information that was passed.  It is so important to comunicate appropriately the information that is to be known by everyone.  Also, it is important to communicate to your bosses whenever anything is an issue, or even if it is being questioned whether it’s an issue.  I think they would appreciate knowing even if it happens to be of little importance.  That shows character, reliability and responsibility.  I know the skills I have been learning and will continue to learn will push me further ahead in my future.

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I <3 West Chester

I am currently a social media intern at Bradford Media Group in West Chester, PA. As an intern I work on Twitter and Google+ everyday. Which can get a little boring, but recently myself and my fellow interns received our own project to run and organize. Bradford Media runs the Facebook and Twitter page for the West Chester, PA community and currently have a ‘I love West Chester’ campaign going on. They post events going on in the area, share restaurant tips, etc. So for our project we were to think of an idea for the West Chester Community to participate in. We came up with a QR Code hunt that ties into the current campaign going on now. There would be a golden QR code somewhere in the town and all during the week we would give clues to where to find the QR code. Once you scan the QR code with your smart phone it will reveal a prize that is offered from the QR code location. We were all pretty excited to get the ball rolling on a real life campaign that we planned. Once we submitted our idea to get reviewed though we hit a wall. There are some factors that go into the campaign that were out of our hands to work out, like a budget. So our supierious are currently working on that now. I am excited to see this play out, this is the first time an idea I came up with will actually come to life! But for right now, we wait. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Hopefully within the coming weeks we will get the ball rolling again.

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A Lesson Worth Learning

Even though this is my last day of having an official obligation to the Animal Care and Control Team, I feel that I will not end my work there. I have already gotten involved in the organization in more ways than I had previously expected and I feel that I can still dedicate my time to such a worthy organization. Making flyers and promotional material for a non profit organization is only one small thing that needs to happen in order to keep it up and running. It takes so many other hands and many more positions to continue making a difference. I think that is why when I began my internship there I new that it would be more than just making flyers. From the beginning of my educational career in advertising, we were taught to investigate the product or organization that we are promoting, that way you can get a real feel for what your client is looking for, what they need- you can really begin to analyze there situation and put them a few more steps in the right direction. With this internship I feel like it required more attention than your normal segment of research. It’s hard to promote something that you cannot fully stand behind without questioning- why exactly am I spending all of my precious time doing this? I became an official hands on volunteer about two weeks ago and there is no doubt in my mind about what I am doing. I never had to ask myself, was it worth it? Because to me it was worth more than any other internship I could have gotten, that may have been more official, that may have taught me more about the business, about my track, my design skills. That stuff I can always learn on my own. What you cannot learn on your own, what you must be shown so you can experience it hands on for yourself in order to completely understand it, is how many people and animals alike need that little bit of help that you can offer. After experiencing that, you realize that anything else you invest your time in becomes obsolete. And that, I believe is the most valuable lesson you can get from an internship.

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Jump Magazine, You Just Got To Do It.

Hi! My name is Bree and I am an intern at Jump Magazine in Philly. My job is to write articles for print and blog. I write a weekly post about what to do this weekend in Philly. I also go to shows and interview bands. In addition, I help with distribution, editing and fact checking. My major is advertising, so I also help with finding businesses to advertise in the magazine to keep it running.

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Why do trains only come once every hour after 7?

I’ll start by saying it feels like the summer is just about to start now in mid August. Working as a full-time design intern for Digitas Health in center city isn’t really a cushy 9-5 schedule. Its more like – stroll in sometime around 10am and leave between the hours of 6 and 10pm feeling like you forgot something or someone important. I’m not really sure what hours I’ll be working on a given day. And that doesn’t include work I may have over the weekend too. It can get busy. But then, if I wasn’t busy id probably have more time to find something to complain about. To say the least, its fun. The people are fun. The time spent socializing outside work – that’s priceless. And most importantly, I can’t really imagine an office with a better atmosphere.

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Be connected!

Hello, everyone! I am Hyeri. Currently, I am doing an internship as an advertising intern in TAF JK Group which is a web design and branding company.


I am interested in marketing, so I wanted to experience it. On my first day of the internship, my boss asked me what I expect to learn. I talked about my interests and he allowed me to participate in a new project which is launching a website for the Philly Korean community. The website is offering yellow pages of Korean businesses in Philadelphia, Korean news, Korean restaurant ratings, and so on. On the other cities, there are their own community websites to share information. However, there was that kind of websites in Philadelphia because most Korean people in Philly, especially older generation, get information from community newspapers or other people’s saying. In these days, many people use smartphones and mobile devices, so my team is expecting to attract many Korean people.

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The 9-5 office job dealing with pins- and no, not Pinterest.

My summer internship is with Hamilton Jewelers, however in the insignia and business gifts department.  Hamilton has retail stores throughout the US, a corporate office in New Jersey and an insignia department in Philly- right along Broad St.  The commute is great, and I love what I have been doing, however explaining to people what I do is very confusing.  Hamilton Insignia deals with a very niche market and makes all of the insignia (pins, medals, jewelry, sashes) for organizations like Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of Indian Wars.  In my interview my bosses compared these organizations to me as “Girl Scouts- times ten”.  The woman who belong to these organizations (there are organizations for men too) are very passionate and dedicated, and I get to speak to many of them.  Although this is not an advertising internship but more of a business internship, I took it because there is room for growth within the company.  They have a marketing department, and their social media sites are slowly blooming.  At times, the work can be slow, but there is so much to learn and memorize here.  I have been here for 4 weeks and I am still learning the computer system and trying to memorize each organization’s specific pins.  The one thing I did not have that I think would have been really helpful is a training of some sort.  My boss gave me a walk-through of the office and a quick overview of the computer system, but since then it has just been me pestering everyone with a massive amount of questions.  But, how else would I have learned?  The thing I love about this internshp is that I do not feel like an intern at all!  I am doing what everyone else in the office does, which is a really nice feeling.  Everyone here is just  great, and there is a wide variety of ages, which I definitely like.  My next blog will include what this internship has taught me and all about a 9-5 job in the real world.

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And the words just keep coming.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening (for whatever time you happen to be reading this!), I’m Austin Sabattis, the S3 Agency’s (former) copywriting intern. Besides my complete shock that it’s August, meaning school will soon be starting up again, I’m absolutely blown away at how fast the time went while interning at S3. It feels like yesterday I was shown my desk and handed my first brief. Since then I’ve not only grown as a copywriter, but developed a comfort with words and writing unlike ever before.

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Summer Internship in NYC ….. 3 months is nothing (1st half of the summer)

Graph showing the reach through Facebook page for the edition Desitalk edition.

Hi Everyone, My first summer internship in New York City, the Mecca of advertising and marketing, is a dream come true for me.  I am extremely thrilled to have gotten this opportunity to learn, network, and build on the skills I have gained through two years of education at Temple Ad department.I feel so lucky to be one of them to work in the heart of city ‘Manhattan.’ Let me tell you more about this company. The company I am interning at is an Indian publication company, publishing a total of three newspapers publications – News India Times (national weekly newspaper), Desi Talk (free edition in New York-New Jersey) and Gujarat Times (in Indian language weekly newspaper) – and one quarterly magazine, The Indo American. I know what you guys must be thinking “Boring” but believe me it was not may be for several reasons and one of the biggest reason was as it is an Indian publication house I could relate to myself more with the environment and people in the office. Let me tell you more about the company. These newspapers caters to the Indians residing in USA. Talking about the jobs and the responsibilities that I was given as an intern were very challenging. My first one and a half months were full of challenges as I was thrown under the marketing sales team who were responsible to bring the revenue in the company; my tasks included were to renew the subscriptions which were not renewed since 2 years and made calls to  each vendor to check for the distributor’s list and believe me it seemed to me impossible. The toughest point in such job is to convert the ratio of pitch into sales. This task of renewing taught me communicating skills in sales department and I have learnt that  renewing the old customers is more tougher than to convert first time (buyer) customer. I was not only successful in getting back the old customers but also got some new leads through them and made a sale of around $750-$900 (which is a very good start as an intern) One advise I would like to give over here is (Rule of Thumb) do your homework (study the company and it’s history very well; in this case how old is the publication and what is the content) before you start with any kind of challenge, or work at the office and do not get bored with anything and everything that is given to you as an intern. Also do not think ‘I am an advertising student and this is not what I am here for.’ These kind of tasks are thrown at you to test your abilities at work to see whether you fit in the environment or not.

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A little bit of everything

Let me offer you a few definitions of the word INTERN:

n. A student or recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training.  (

n. People who are hired to do menial monotonous work that you couldn’t pay people people to do long term because they would quit (

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Are they speaking gibberish?

Spoiler Alert: They’re not! It’s just the crazy world of Pharmaceutical Advertising that may make you feel like you’re in a Charlie Brown classroom.

Hello there! My name is Jackie McGrath. I am an intern at MediMedia Managed Markets, a pharmaceutical advertising agency in Yardley, PA. We all know that Temple adequately prepares us for the real world of advertising, so I was quite surprised when I couldn’t understand the majority of the terms used in my first client stat-meeting with MediMedia.

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Fast Cars, Hot Coffee, and Writing at S3


How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice… Hi, I’m Austin. I’m currently tearing my way through a copywriting internship at S3, a smaller agency in northern New Jersey. While S3 isn’t pushing out media in every shape and size for Coke or Chevy, they end up doing a lot of interesting (and often diverse) work for a variety of clients including Eight O’Clock Coffee, BMW Motorcycles, Panda Licorice, and an array of brands you won’t encounter until you’re 50.

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The Weston Finale



Hi guys, I am back with my second and final blog! I chose to wait until the final week of my internship to complete my final blog for specific reasoning. The whole point of any internship is to help pave the way for future endeavors. We show up at our place of work early in the morning with the hopes of gaining as much insight and experience as possible. We act like sponges trying to absorb as much as we can…At least that is what I tried to do.

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