April 2013

Portfolio Night 10: Putting Philly on the Map


Philadelphia Ad Club’s Young Professionals and IHAVEANIDEA are hosting their Portfolio Night on May 22, 2013 at Lincoln Financial Field. This is an amazing opportunity to attend a creative networking event where you can find interested employers and the work of young professionals in the industry today. As we are nearing graduation, this is a great event for May grads to take advantage of!

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To This Day Project

I came across To This Day while I was browsing new posts on Osocio, the non-profit and social cause advertising blog I posted about earlier this semester. This project stood out particularly strong to be because of the power behind the voice and image. The project was based on an incredibly powerful spoken word piece by Shane Koyczan titled “To This Day” that provides an intimate look into the long term and continued affects of bullying that can impact an individual and society as a whole. Animators and motion artists were invited in a previous video to lend their unique styles to small 20 second segments that were fused together to form a cohesive story for this 7+ minute video. It was an amazing collaborative effort done by Koyczan and the artists, making way for a piece that is rhythmically moving and visually stunning, painting a picture of despair and hope for a better future. I don’t want to get too into specifics because the piece truly does speak for itself.

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Gozaik: The Twitter Resume



A friend of mine actually tweeted about this great new company today called Gozaik, a social job application only that is saying goodbye to 8.5 x 11 paper resumes and hello to job-landing digital, mosaic-style multimedia resumes. Gozaik’s services use Twitter as a way for young professionals to search and apply for jobs. Students and young professionals who utilize the service will find help in marketing themselves more effectively via their social media, something that many top employers are paying particular attention to today. The services are also given to employers who are searching for the best and brightest talent on the market.

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Through the Eyes of the Future



Google released news several weeks ago on their new contribution to the technology world, Google Glass. As seen below in the video they released on their YouTube account, Google Glass is a pair of glasses that connects to your phone, enabling you to record, share, and view live data directly on your glasses. They look like they came straight out of a Sci-Fi movie and connects people to their content so quickly and effortlessly that it’s hard not to envision this becoming the future of technology.

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