July 2013

Reflecting on my “Remarkable” Experience


I have finally approached the two month mark interning at PrimePay. I still cannot believe that much time has passed and how much I have learned during this time-frame. Right now, the marketing and strategy department is working in overdrive to prepare for the unveiling of PrimePay’s new website and logo. Just yesterday I was able to sit-in on a training session that was done via phone conference with stakeholders from all across the country. The purpose of this session was to inform employees, clients, brokers, etc. of the exciting new changes that PrimePay will be experiencing in the next month. The main take away for me from this conference was why it is so important for any brand to stand out and be relevant. Competition is always fierce, and PrimePay drew its rebranding initiatives from the idea of being “remarkable”. Take something that is typical and change the paradigm; reimagine the brand in a new light. This is exactly what my supervisor and the rest of his team has done for PrimePay.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello All,

My name is Ashley Blair Leonard, I am an advertising major at Temple University. I have been interning at Shooters Inc, a production company on Walnut Street. I have been here since the end of May, and will be continuing my internship until the end of August. Lucky for me, I was chosen to work closely with the executive producers of the company. I have been able to travel on set a handful of times, and watch the creative work take place play by play. I have been responsible for helping out with wardrobe, prop runs, and set coordinating. I also have utilized a new App on the Iphone called Vine. With this App, I am able to take clips of the set we are working on, and promote Shooters in a positive way. One day on set, I was sitting in with my fellow intern, Rebecca, and we ended up being filmed and used for an Orioles/Nationals commercial. Even though it will only air in Baltimore, it was still a great experience! Being on set has allowed me to travel to different locations in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I enjoy networking and building relationships wherever I go, and I can honestly say I met some pretty awesome, helpful people with my travels. Shooters Inc as a whole is a terrific environment to network and build relationships, the community within the company is concrete and family like. Everyone here at Shooters knows how creative and talented the people in the company are, and the teamwork I’ve witnessed is phenomenal. I am so lucky to be here. I’m thrilled to see what else Shooters has in store for me.

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Behind the Scenes of a Lexus Commercial Shoot with Team One


Hello from sunny Los Angeles, California! I’m Michelle Saunders, Interactive Production intern for Saatchi & Saatchi’s Team One. Team One is a full service advertising agency and the seventh largest agency in Los Angeles. We have over 300 employees and work with clients including Lexus, the Ritz Carlton, Haagen Daz international, JW Marriot, American Express, and others. I work in the Idea Production department as part of the Interactive Production team, meaning I help create anything digital or web related, mostly on Lexus projects.

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Springing into Action: Poptent


I’m Gabby and this summer I was given the amazing opportunity to be the marketing intern at Poptent. Based  in Orange County, CA, with an office in Conshohocken, PA, Poptent has been doing amazing things since its start in 2007. In basic terms, the company combines two powerful trends in video production, creation and distribution. Rather than using traditional models, where clients such as Seaworld and Cracker Jack turn to advertising agencies and the same old creative directors for video creativ (from concept to content), Poptent specializes in crowdsourcing, connecting independent filmmakers with national brands. This allows a faster turn around time for the client, and allows a global community of 50,000 writers, directors, cinematographers and animators to build their portfolios, make money, and create commercials for some of the most recognized brands in the world.

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It all Started in the Mailroom



Last summer at AmeriHealth Administrators (AHA), a top performing third-party administrator in the health care industry, I was a “Marketing Communications Intern.”  The summer before that, I worked in the mailroom. This summer at AHA, I’m not working in the mailroom or considered an “intern.” I’m actually an Associate Marketing Communications Coordinator working in the Marketing Communications Department, and I’m even training some of the summer interns this year.

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