December 2013

It’s really over – my internship at Stream Companies

stream companies


As the semester is coming to an end, it is sad news to say that my internship is ended as well. The months completely flew by, but my experience at Stream Companies was great. I used a lot of programs and tools that were never introduced to me such as Google Ad words and Business Center, and pulled Google and Bing reports for client meetings. I also got to experience more Google Analytics, which I am confident in now. There was never a boring day in the office. Those internships where the interns just sit around playing with their thumbs, waiting for work to do was not the description of this position at all. I got into the office, got a task, and kept busy throughout the day. That is definitely something I look for in an intern position, and I feel more confident in my future and what I plan to do upon graduating.

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A Glimpse into the Owl’s Nest (Part II)

As I described in my last posting, my internship has not only entailed working in the Athletic Department itself but also helping out with in-game promotions during the men’s football, basketball and women basketball games. When I first came into this internship I did not know this was something I was going to get involved with but looking back on all my experiences I’m very glad it was something I got to participate in.

When I worked within the games, I was mostly involved with organizing promotional activities. Activities included handing out food during the free student tailgate, getting students to participate in events taking place during the time outs while also making sure everything is going to plan according to the script. Everything is so fast paced as you have limited time to set up for various activities during the time out and to assign everyone’s job positions. While at first it was very overwhelming as everything seemed to happen at such a fast pace, it also taught me how to think quicker on my feet and deal with high-pressure situations. I loved being able to interact with other students, and be able to in such a spirited environment. I have never been in such a high-energy workplace situation before, and I found it very easy to become immersed and excited within the craziness. Also, it was very cool to be able to stand on the sideline / court side during the games.

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How Exit Philadelphia Opened My Eyes

Jeremy Wieland, Owner of Exit Philadelphia organizing pop up shop

Jeremy Wieland, Owner of Exit Philadelphia organizing pop up shop


My name is Steve Brydzinski, and I am an Advertising – Creative track – Major.  I was fortunate to get an Internship at Exit Philadelphia, a skateboarding retail store set in the heart of the Northern Liberties.  It’s been a heck of a fall semester, I have loved my time here as an intern and I can’t wait to continue working there throughout the spring semester as well.

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Buzz From B101

Going into this internship, I was excited. I really wanted to explore the world of sales and I was very eager to learn. However, things changed and it turned out that, B101 would be needing a general intern and not a sales intern. I was a little bummed out at first because I really wanted to be in the sales department learning the ropes, however I soon realized that wasn’t going to make much of a difference because everything at the station revolves around the sales department. Every task, every event, every new idea was thought out and brought about to help the sales of the radio station. B101 is an extremely skilled company in generating revenue so I was able to watch and learn how the station gains new customers and retains old ones. One of the tasks I took part in was putting together sales books for clients and potential clients. The amount of detail and research that went into creating the sales books was truly impressive. It really wasn’t hard to see why, B101 is such a strong company in the radio business. They are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to build rapport with businesses and clients. This is definitely something that I am going to take out of this internship. People don’t want to know what you know until they know that you care. In order to be successful in sales or in anything really, you must genuinely care about providing the best information and service to those you are dealing business with. I have learned a great deal about this at, B101, and I intend to bring these lessons into my professional life.

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Philadelphia Design Home Event

One of my most recent projects at Barilotti Wealth Strategies was organizing an event for Philadelphia Design Home in Villanova, PA. One of my colleagues, Jeffrey Orleans, is the Chief Executive Officer of J.P. Orleans Development, LLC, and is a third generation homebuilder. Jeff is the developer of the design home so he bought the land, helped to design the home and hired the general contractor who worked with the others in order to build it. In fact, Jeff originally built the home with the intention of it being his, but later on decided to sell it. The networking event was meant to show off the home as well as create networking opportunities for all the guests in attendance. My job was to first, design the event invite. I then sent it out to a specific list of contacts. From there I would compile the Yes’s/No’s/Maybe’s into an Excel Spreadsheet and send each person last minute reminders and details. I was also the point of contact for the caterer. When the night of the event came, I helped set up and made sure everything ran smoothly. My main priority, however, was taking care of social media. I had my boss connect her Instagram to her twitter and throughout the night I would take pictures of the home to show it off as best I could. Then I would write something either clever or informational to go along with the pictures and tag the various companies who contributed to making the house come to life. Overall it was a great night. Not only was the home absolutely beautiful, but I also got to see all my hard work unfold into a successful event. It was also nice to meet some of Christy’s clients and friends whom I’ve talked to on the phone many times but had never met in person. I felt very accomplished at the end of it all.

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Someone Who Inspired Me

During my internship At Phillybass’d I met someone who inspired me to work hard and do whatever I needed in order to reach my goals, no matter what obstacles I may face. The Social Media Coordinator for my internship has a similar upbringing that I have had. We both come from poverty- stricken inner cities where most people depend on welfare to survive. As we began to work together to come up with ideas for the internship we learned that our backgrounds are similar and that we both want to make a difference in our lives so that we can give hope to others in our communities.  He has his own business as well as working for my Internship. He has lived by the word “grind”, when an individual pushes his/herself to attain a goal. This has now become a part of my vocabulary in order to push myself even when I feel like giving up. There are not a lot of African-American women in advertising and even less within art direction. Being around him and learning how he has overcome so many obstacles that black males face in this world has given me that extra push to open doors within the creative world for poor African-American girls who don’t have a role model to look up to. I feel like I’m not only pursuing my career for myself but also for all the people I grew up with and all the children who don’t think they will be able to be successful because they don’t have money. The most important thing I received from this internship other than creative experience is the idea that you can come from nothing and become something if you work hard and “grind”.

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Fortunate Encounters

Me at the park with Converse OF Pop up Shop OF Pop up Shop Us organizing the stock room for the pop up shopMy name is Steve Brydzinski, and I’m interning at Exit Philadelphia – a skateboarding and apparel retail store in the heart of the Northern Liberties.  Jeremy Wieland, the owner & operator, is a well known skateboarder from here, Philadelphia, and has made many great friends and acquaintances with important and famous people in the skateboarding industry.  My time as an intern so far, has given me a few fortunate encounters where I was able to meet and hangout with some of the biggest names in skateboarding.

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Good-Bye to the B!

After a semester of interning at B101, the end is here. It seems appropriate to end at B101 during the Christmas Season. Though, I will miss the people I have met through this internship, I think what I realized from this experience the most is what I don’t want to do, which I find to be equally as important as doing things you enjoy. To be quite honest, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after school. (Terrible, I know) I figured I could adapt to anything really. However, from my experience at B101, I now understand that the 9-5 office life is not something that is suitable for me. During my internship, I helped out with many projects including contests held by the station, fundraisers, sales books, and even reaching out to listeners. After awhile it all felt very mundane. I started to get really tired of going to the same location everyday to typically do the same tasks. I think this was a very important realization for me. We learn more from our failures than we do from our success. Maybe B101 wasn’t the right fit for me, but had I never done it, I would have never known that. I think it is extremely important that we don’t just settle for a job. Don’t settle for the money. Don’t settle because you’re comfortable. Find something that you can be passionate about and stick with it. Sure, maybe that means having to endure some things you don’t enjoy, but how will you ever find what you do if you don’t experience as much as possible. From this internship I learned a lot about how radio stations operate but most importantly, I learned how I operate best and that is more valuable to me than any line on a resume.

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Advent Rox

Advent 2

My name is Cree Franklin, I am a senior Advertising major here at Temple. I am currently interning with a small company called Advent. It is located in the Roxborough section of the city. Working with Advent has been a pleasure. It is a fairly new company, they have only been open for about a year and a half now. Joining the Advent team has taught me a lot about the advertising business and starting a new company. Joe (the owner) has made the experience very interesting and keeps all of the interns in the loop of everything that is happening in the company. I’ve learned that working in a small company has its pros and cons. The pros are that you build lasting relationships with your co-workers and communicating is very easy because everyone is less than 3 feet away from you. Another pro is being able to see it grow and being involved in the growing process. A con of working in a small company is that you constantly work with the same people. I believe working under the same conditions every day can effect your creativity. Working in the same small group your are more than likely to have the same kinds of ideas flowing throughout the group. This is something that I think can be avoided by taking a step back from the work an doing something creative like painting a picture or playing a game. I learned tips like this from my Creative Thinking class and it is something that I definitely try to apply when working at my internship .I still have a few weeks left in my internship with Advent and I look forward to learning more about the business.

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Late autumn


I can’t believe that I finished my internship at Harmelin.

I am a little sad that I have to leave a great place that is filled with great people;

I wish that I could stay there for a little longer, it would be nice.

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All work and no play makes interns drab.


Hello fellow interns! I am Rachel, a Senior in Advertising interning at 93.3 WMMR. With all the hustle and bustle that happens in our day to day lives between school, work, and internships, it is important to remember that sometimes you just need to have fun with it! I got to intern on my favorite day of the year, Halloween! It was great, everyone got to dress up and show off costumes. The radio personalities brought treats in for the interns, even setting time aside on the show to discuss what we were wearing. It was really nice because it was little tokens that show us they are thankful for us (and the coffee we get them). Although we still had our same busy day, everyone was just in a happier, sillier mood because it was a great, but simple change from the norm.

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Growing With Coyne



Hello! My name is Michael, and I have been interning at Coyne Chemical for the Fall 2013 semester. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to a full time position with Coyne Chemical in Marketing and Sales. This experience has taught me how to conduct business in a professional manner, particularly in the organic, inorganic and specialty chemical industry.

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Exciting Week at The Blockley


Big things came to The Blockley last week.

Matisyahu took the Blockley stage as part of his Festival of Light tour. He is arguably one of the largest acts so far at the Blockley, so it should be a very exciting show. I was actually supposed to work the door but I had a school interference unfortunately. Regardless, the show had a high chance of selling out, which would be great for the venue.
I did work the door for Bombino, an up-and-coming guitarist/singer/songwriter who has gained a bit of fame after working with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Bombino’s sound is a unique combination of psychedelic rock and world music that is quite refreshing and engaging.
On Friday, 12/6, Marco Benevento took the stage, and then on Saturday, the 5th Annual Philadelphia Winter Beer Festival took place at the Blockley. All interns 21 or older were invited to attend for free. Unfortunately I am 20 :(.
Thanks for reading and check out the Blockley’s website for upcoming shows.

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