April 2014

It’s so hard to say good-bye!

imageAfter an exciting four months, my internship has come to an end. I will miss working with my team here at Harmelin, a lot.The one thing I will not miss is the 45 minute commute down the Schuylkill! Today my team is taking me out for a celebratory lunch in Manayunk, thank god the weather is nice! It is nice to know that people really see and appreciate your hard work and dedication in the workplace. I have met some really amazing people here and I hope to keep in touch with them as much as possible, especially for future job inquiries.

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15 Minutes of Fame

15 Minutes Of FameMy last week of interning at CBS 3 has made its way here and has given me such a bittersweet feeling. Since my last posting I have performed even more tasks and even made it to live TV!-My appearance was not intentional FYI… So where do I begin? Well, in addition to the continuous shadowing of Account Executives and learning more and more about the digital and television sales industry, I also had the great opportunity to work during the Ronald McDonald phone bank charity event that was broadcast on live TV. This was such an exciting experience and I worked with the station’s Program Director and Marketing team amidst a busy and fast-paced time. If my multi-tasking skills were ever tested, this was a sure way of proving that I’m all intact.  My responsibilities included keeping track of gift cards distributed to designated callers, quickly collecting log sheets from participating companies who were sponsors, and also answering the phones while the cameras were rolling. To top the event off, I unknowingly was being filmed on live TV during one of the phone segments. After receiving a few screenshots via text message from friends and family of myself plastered on TV, I realized I had officially received my fifteen minutes of fame! Another exciting event that I had the opportunity of being a part of was the casting call for the TV show ‘Big Brother’. For this event I traveled to Atlantic City with the Marketing team and spent a full day working there. My responsibilities included making sure each applicant properly filled out their waiver forms and making sure they were properly registered for taping their audition. I must say the potential cast members were a very eclectic group of people however it was exciting to be a part of their first step into the world of reality TV. From meeting the front desk receptionist to meeting the Chief Manager of the television station I am grateful to have met ALL of the wonderful people at CBS 3 who truly made my internship a remarkable experience. It will be sad to leave such an amazing workplace however I do look forward to other opportunities I hope to have in store.  I learned an abundance of information from a team of people who are some of the best professionals in the Philadelphia area. I plan to stay on track in pursuing my goals in the television advertising industry and apply all of the wisdom given to me by such an amazing group.

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The Importance of Team Chemistry In Business Meetings and Workplace

My name is Alex Richardson and I am currently a senior advertising major focusing in copywriting. For the last three months I have been interning with KYW News Radio. I’ve had two different positions with my internship: ad sales and copywriting. So every Wednesday everyone from the sales department has a business meeting, which are always run by the VP/Senior Executive. After attending these meetings for the past several months, I’ve been able to realize the great chemistry between all the workers for the advertising sales department. And this is mainly because of how the VP handles his workers. Despite the meeting being 8:30 AM, everyone is always there, on time, and greeting one another with a smile. Of course the meetings are serious, but that doesn’t stop everyone in the room from laughing at jokes or congratulating everyone for making a sale or gaining a new client. The VP always prints out a weekly sheet that has the scheduled events coming up and which ones should be everyone’s main priority. He always encourages all the workers that they can accomplish each sale they are aiming for, and relate to their previous success as an example that they can do it. He also keeps things competitive. For some events, whoever sells the most amount of ad space is rewarded a completely paid vacation. He also rewards incentives such as gift cards each month for each individual’s performance for that specific month. The VP also makes sure everyone is on top of each event, but in a fun way. He’ll print out small slips with all types of different questions, but they mainly all relate to upcoming events. Some will be about the overall benefits advertising with KYW. With the combination of motivation, humor, incentives, and the question slips, the VP manages his fellow workers in genuine way and holds the team chemistry at a high level.

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Mad Women


Today happens to be my last day at 97.5 The Fanatic! I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at such a great radio station. Over the past semester I have been asked to pull air checks, write radio copy, create proposals, (lots of proposals) assist account managers with prospecting, develop ideas for promotions, go on sales calls, and a plethora of other things! This experience has taught me the ins and outs of radio sales. It has taught me that taking the extra few seconds to customize a proposal can make all the difference. The folks at 97.5 The Fanatic genuinely care about each person they call or meet with. Throughout my internship I have met many amazing individuals. Some of the most inspiring are the women who work at 97.5 The Fanatic. They are always on their A game, and never shy away from a situation. A sales position is a tough career field for women to be in and these women are making it look easy. I really appreciate everything they have taught me, and letting me see that my dream to be successful in sales is possible!

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My internship experience at Clarisse Inc!

I am a social media coordinator intern for Clarisse Inc (Promgirl.net) and I am really enjoying my experience there. I have learned a lot since I started months ago.  I learned how to use Hootsuite, which is a program available online that allows people to manage all social media accounts at the same time. This program is the company’s choice for scheduling and managing all their posts on their social media outlets. I have become so familiar with this program because I use it everyday I’m in the office. Also, I have discovered a lot of different photo-editing websites where I can create and edit picture ads for the Clarisse designs to market on their social media accounts.  I used pickmonkey.com, befunky.com, fotoflexer.com, and other websites. I learned a lot about managing social media for a company and the importance of maintaining a professional image that stays consistent with the brand. I also improved my skills in excel by answering to the responsibility of completing tasks within short timeframes. One of the best perks of interning with Clarisse Inc is that I get to explore all the different departments of their business because the office is so busy and there is limited staff. They really want interns to learn and be hands on with their business affairs and I believe that is a great opportunity for me and the other interns because we get a lot of exposure and develop a great deal of knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. I had numerous opportunities to experience what it’s like selling dresses in the showroom and assisting the designer’s creation and inspection process getting ready for their company’s next line or trunk show, etc. This experience is everything I thought it would be and more. I love coming to work; the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I work hard and get a lot of accolades for it, so I feel very appreciated and significant to the company and I’m only an intern! I am so sad to be leaving soon but it is an experience I will always cherish.

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Working in the basement, but moving up

My dear advertising colleagues, I can only hope that this semester has brought you as much sweat, blood, and tears as it has to me. My name is Hillary Redisch, I am an Advertising Account Manager major about 3 weeks away from graduating, and I’m scared as hell. I’m scared in the best possible way because there is so much to explore and do in the world. I’m allowed to say that because after three internships my experience has taught me there is much more than what we just do in the classroom. This Spring semester I was  able to work with Campus Recreation’s Marketing Department as their social media intern. Most if the time I spent my days on the “upgraded” Dell computer unable to use Adobe Photoshop or any other quick loading services that I really needed for my job. But, I was constantly learning new ways to market to the masses here on campus. My office atmosphere was a combination of tension, minimal man power, and  a lot of laughter. As the only intern during the semester, I was assigned the task to create a fun and engaging marketing plan for the 2nd Floor Fitness Mezzanine in Pearson and McGonigle halls to build awareness and increase unique student usage. The entire execution was my responsibility for the semester. Creating the plan, making questions for the survey, collecting data, designing flyers, and writing social media posts was all included. After presenting my final marketing plan to the Associate Director, Assistant Director (my boss), and Operations Manager, I was pretty sure that I nailed it. They were blown away by how in-depth my research had been, and the fact that the way the department had been advertising the Fitness Mezzanine was  not correct. Being able to show my client a more effective and efficient solution to the current problem, and having them agree with my idea was the best feeling in the world.

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Fantastic Fanatic!

Hey Everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Dychala and I am interning at 97.5 The Fanatic. Thus far my experience at the Fanatic is fantastic!  I enjoy going coming in because everyday is different.  The people that work at the Fanatic are very helpful and want me to have a great experience.  They bring me with them to client meetings which really helps me to see real world sales taking place.  I am able to better understand client and customer management and I am also able to participate in the sales cycle.  I am also able to make connections and meet a wide variety of people from all areas of business.   One of the most interesting things about radio sales is that you are able to interact with people from almost any type of business and you are selling something that is not tangible rather than a product.  This means that the sales person must really make the client understand what it is they are getting from the sale. One of my favorite sales meetings was with their client Cheerleaders.  For those of you who don’t know, Cheerleaders is a local gentleman’s club. (I didn’t know what it was at first either!)  When we arrived for the meeting I was a little skeptical, but after being there for ten minutes I created a relationship with a lovely women who works in their marketing department, and well as being an entertainer. She opened my eyes to a whole new world, and made me become a less judgmental person.  I appreciate meeting her and believe she had a positive impact on my life whether she realized it or not.  Other positives include:  real work experience, fun and creative projects, interaction with many different people, interaction with radio hosts, attendance at station events, and many more.

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Rebranding at Finch

4-17-2014 11-37-59 AM

I was fortunate enough to be offered a research and strategy internship from Finch Brands, a boutique branding company located in the heart of old city. Finch Brands has a team of incredibly talented and exceedingly helpful individuals. Going into this internship, what I really hoped to take away from it were two things: a clearer understanding of what steps really go into rebranding a client and how exactly to be a brand strategist. I am confident that I could walk away today with a completely clear understanding of how exactly a branding company works, what really goes into rebranding a client, and most importantly for me, what a brand strategist really does. What I have learned through experience is unparalleled to any classroom lesson and has helped me to feel confident about going off into the working world after college.

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What now?


The past few months have gone so fast, I can’t believe I had to say good-bye to everyone at the Flyers this past Monday. This experience has been amazing, not only did I get to see what goes one behind each and every game (it’s more then you could imagine) I also got to attend each game. I have grown up being a Flyers fan so when I saw how much work went in behind the scenes I truly was surprised. I also got super excited every time I got to see any of the players, call me a little kid, what ever. Just a little inside scoop, they hang out and play soccer every night before the game! Needless to say when I turned the corner and had Gerioux say Hi to me, I had a mild heart attack. Anyway back to the internship details!

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Reflecting On My Third and (Hopefully) Final Internship

My name is Alex Richardson and I am currently a Senior Advertising Major in the Copywriting Track. As I am near my graduation and the end of my current internship, I have reflected on the three internships I have experienced in my college career. For the past three months I have been interning with KYW News Radio 1060 as an Ad Sales Intern/Copywriter and it truly has been an overall great learning experience. This was my third internship, and it wasn’t like any of my other internships (in a good way). The main difference with the internship with KYW was that I had two roles, which meant double the experience and learning. I never had any experience with Ad Sales, nor any interest in the career, before starting this internship. It has taught me a new perspective of advertising. Usually I am on the creative side with copywriting, so it was really great to learn more of the business side of advertising. But at the same time, I was able to get great experience with my copywriting, especially towards the end of my time at the radio station. In the last few weeks, the Account Executives trusted me more with my work and assigned more and more opportunities for me to write various timed radio spots for all sorts of different companies. There was not a better learning experience than being given these tasks and having to complete them within x amount of hours or sometimes even less. My previous two internships taught me a good amount, but I never had the experience or pressure to have to write an ad in a time limit. Having the pressure to meet the time deadline, as well as writing effective copy, has really prepared me for the next stage in my life and has provided me confidence that I am ready for the agency work life. I can easily say my internship at KYW has been my favorite one yet, as well as the most rewarding.

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