During the Spring of 2018, I had the pleasure of interning at Frankford Candy as the Social Media and Digital Marketing Intern. Frankford Candy is a family owned candy & chocolate manufacturer, located in the outskirts of North Philadelphia. Notorious for the one and only Wonder Ball – a chocolate ball filled with special candy and prizes – I have the pleasure of managing the Facebook and Twitter pages for the company, as well as the Twitter page for Wonder Ball.

As an advertising major on the Account Management track, I want to expand my knowledge of the industry by learning about other sectors of the industry. My experience at Frankford Candy has allowed me to get better acquainted with other sectors of Advertising, such as copywriting. During my first few weeks on the job, I spent my time updating the company’s website. With a list of new products in hand, I gathered products from the factory, photographed them, and wrote unique captions for each. After writing about seventy captions for various candy & chocolate products, I learned that I have a knack for copywriting – something I never thought about pursuing, until this internship.

While creating content for the company’s social media pages, I was able to meet and learn from Frankford’s Package Designers. Although I am interested in managing accounts for an advertising agency one day, I am also thoroughly interested in the creative side. It was an eye opening experience to watch products come to life from beginning to end, as I watched package designers bring concepts to reality through Photoshop.  I learned that package artwork is not as simple as I once thought – there is a great deal of research and refinements done before the final artwork is approved and ready to be shipped to big name retailers. One of the positive aspects of the business that I uncovered, was the power of licensing. Frankford Candy’s business is built on licensing deals, as they obtain rights from brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Nickelodeon, to use character from their movies and tv shows on their products. I never knew how important it is for a business to keep up with trends in order to expand its licensing portfolio by obtaining new and popular brands. My experience thus far at Frankford Candy has given me invaluable knowledge. From learning how to put a content calendar together, and managing multiple social media accounts through Sprout Social – a social media management platform – to renovating the company’s website and copywriting captions for their products, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and everything I continue to learn from it.