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Saying Goodbye to a long Workout



I just had my last day at Weston Fitness, it was a weird change to end, but it is nice to not have to go Center City every other day. As I mentioned in my previous post; overall, the experience was a worthwhile experience. However, it was not very advertising oriented. It taught me more about Marketing, which I found out I enjoyed a lot and I believe that is a big thing to learn in a internship. I came into this internship aware that it was at a gym and the lack of advertisements that would truly be needed, but I am glad I learned about a field I was never interested in, in the past: Marketing. I believe through an internship finding out things within the real world that you enjoy and  you don’t enjoy is the biggest gain you can receive. It sets yourself up for a real life job and what direction, in the future, you can see yourself working for 40 hours a week. Although I have enjoyed advertising classes at Temple, I realized that doing projects in school is not the same in the real world. In school you have much more freedom and space for creativity. The real world, complete opposite. You are told in what places to put certain objects and the lack of creativity would be a burden on me, since that’s the one true passion I had for advertising. Overall, I think this internship taught me more than expected. I learned about myself and what future I wish to have, and I would not ask for anything more to have accomplished.

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Interning, not working out, at a gym.

I currently am finishing up my internship at Weston Fitness located on the corner of 19th and Market. As I mentioned in my last post, it is primarily marketing based but also incorporates some art direction advertising within the job. Thus far, the internship has gone well, people are friendly, and the hours are convenient. However, this is not an ideal place for an advertising major. Sure, they need advertisements to keep their gym alive, but the real fact of the matter is, without a good gym with good amenities, people will not return. Yet, the one bonus Weston Fitness has over the other fitness clubs is their dedication to their members. I know, I know, every gym says this. But, in reality it is a small gym, a gym of 1700 members, therefore the front desk person is not too far off from recognizing every person that walks through the elevator doors. Yes, the swipe of their bar code, and the name that pops up on the screen is always a good cheat sheet, but they are very personable. This benefit is highlighted frequently within our advertisements. If it was not true, trust me, we would hear about it and we have not heard a word, yet, the truth remains. The best part of this internship is the freedom it allows. Most ads that I get to create are from my own vision, with little direction, it gives the power of creativity to take full swing. Overall, this internship has not only made me think in a more creative light, but has made me realize the business end of advertising as well. Being an art direction major, much of my work is creative oriented, and the business part is second. Here, business is first, something I needed to learn and explore through an internship. I am glad I got to do that there.

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Internship at Weston Fitness

I started Weston Fitness about 2 weeks ago and everything is going well thus far. My name is Brianna and I am currently an Advertising student with a focus in Art Direction. I will be graduating in May and this is my third internship in the fields of production and advertising. My current projects at Weston Fitness include setting up a new advertisement to promote their gym and try to get people to come join. The ad is for March and is still in the works. Along with that, we are hosting a health fair this upcoming Monday. We will be partnering with KPMG Accounting to promote a healthier and better life to their 750plus employees. At this point, we are confirming other health conscious vendors to make this event more successful. Thus far, we have about 10 vendors that will promote their brand and pass out beneficial coupons or products to the KPMG employees that attend. Since I am an advertising student focusing in Art Direction, I find myself dealing with less art direction ideas, and more public relation tasks. However, I have come to enjoy promoting this gym as well as, having the ability to network with other companies and see how they are run and organized. Therefore, my experience may not have been what I expected, but it has been an effective learning tool for my future. I now feel more comfortable with creating events and talking to other companies via phone and/or email.  Overall, it has been a great experience and I hope it continues to improve my networking skills.

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