Grammy Awards: Beauty and Fashion Ad Geeks Unite!


Red carpet pre-award show events have become almost more anticipated then the actual award shows they’re representing! These events just happen to be some of the biggest opportunities for beauty and fashion advertisers to grab the attention of fans looking to emulate their favorite stars. It’s a who’s who of the beauty and fashion industry and only the most creative and bold brands will make their statements on the red carpet!

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Baubauhaus is a little bit like pinterest but for serious artists that just want to inspire each other. It’s a simple idea, full of great art. I found this site through a friend of mine, whom I will feature here on AdLib soon! Get ready for that one.

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770 Behind the Line: The (unofficial) J.Crew blog

One blog I love to get a well rounded insight and inspiration from is the 770 Behind the line: (un)official Jcrew blog. Fashion, design, and photography all in one place. Yes, you can probably find that anywhere these days, but I am loving the color palates in particular. They also often talk to in house designers and other various employees, which is great because I will take any advice I can get! I try to make a point to pay attention to what the people that have my (hopeful) future job say. I’m probably not the first to tell you this, but always keep an eye out for inspiration anywhere, and take in any advice you can get (even if its bad, you can still learn from it!)

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H&M Uses Digitally Built Bodies On Website

Three things are certain in this world: death, taxes, and the photoshopping of print ads. Guidelines on just how far companies are allowed to go with their airbrushing are slowly setting in, but what can be said for publishing images with ACTUAL fake bodies in combination with real human heads? Discount fashion retailers H&M are taking some heat for using “virtual mannequin” bodies which match the skin tone of whatever model’s heads they stick on top. AdWeek‘s article criticizes this practice, stating that it sends a message that everyone’s bodies should be the same “unrealistic” proportions.

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Rebel/Rebel at Drexel U

Designer and author, Keanan Duffty, will present a lively, hour-long multimedia presentation, Rebel Rebel-Anti Style, on Thursday, October 20th, at 6 PM, in Bossone’s Mitchell Auditorium. Tracing the roots of rebel style from the 50’s to present day focusing on rebel icons from Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson. The evening will also include a Q&A and book signing with Duffty.  Presented as part of DesignPhiladelphia, student work inspired by Rebel Rebel will also be on display and the D&M Kiosk, a pop-up shop featuring Rebel inspired hand-crafted items created by Westphal students and faculty, will be open for business.

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