Hidden Message in Ad for Children at Risk

A friend of mine posted a video on their Facebook about an ad that really caught my eye because of the deep thought and idea execution of the designers behind it. The ANAR Foundation is a Spanish child-advocacy organization that has an anonymous telephone line for teens and children who are under a risk situation. For the international day against child abuse,
Grey Spain worked with ANAR to design an ad that would be able to target the teens and children, even while they are with the adults or parents that may be their aggressors. The ad was designed using lenticular printing to send different messages to children and adults. The children’s view is only visible to children under ten because of the level of their eye sight. The ad appears plain to the adult view, but in the child view reveals a bruised face. The ad features the hotline’s number as well as the copy, “If somebody hurts you, phone us, and we’ll help you.” I think its an incredibly difficult message to send out to children and teens who are constantly with their aggressor, so targeting them in a way that is so straightforward is risky, yet really needed to reach the children who need help and access to this hotline.

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"A Virtual Call To Action"

As Temple students, many of us have traveled to the heart of the city only to be greeted by the scent of putrid air and homeless men and women searching for their next meal in a garbage can. Clearly these people are in need of help, but like many problems they go unnoticed. Agency Sarkissian Mason has created a virtual version of a homeless man to aware pedestrians walking the city streets how easy it is to help out someone whose is homeless. Instead of including an awkwardly place headline, a message pops up asking for people to move the virtual man by sending in a text message. The displays serves as an advertisement for Pathways to Housing and urges participating pedestrians to donate to the organization via text message. Clever?

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