First Photoshoot Experience


Hello fellow advertising bloggers!

I am an intern at our very own Fox School of Business / School of Tourism Hospitality. I am working in the PR department, helping with general creative production. I help with editing/designing posters, designing/editing e-blasts, editing down photos to be sent out, photo archiving, and I even helped on a photo shoot! Since I am an advertising, creative track major, I am finding this internship extremely helpful.

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Hidden Message in Ad for Children at Risk

A friend of mine posted a video on their Facebook about an ad that really caught my eye because of the deep thought and idea execution of the designers behind it. The ANAR Foundation is a Spanish child-advocacy organization that has an anonymous telephone line for teens and children who are under a risk situation. For the international day against child abuse,
Grey Spain worked with ANAR to design an ad that would be able to target the teens and children, even while they are with the adults or parents that may be their aggressors. The ad was designed using lenticular printing to send different messages to children and adults. The children’s view is only visible to children under ten because of the level of their eye sight. The ad appears plain to the adult view, but in the child view reveals a bruised face. The ad features the hotline’s number as well as the copy, “If somebody hurts you, phone us, and we’ll help you.” I think its an incredibly difficult message to send out to children and teens who are constantly with their aggressor, so targeting them in a way that is so straightforward is risky, yet really needed to reach the children who need help and access to this hotline.

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Rebecca Cairns: Photographer

Rebecca Cairns is a photographer from Toronto, Canada but now lives and works in Berlin. Her work reminds me a lot of Francesca Woodman’s and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a inspiration to her. She does a lot of self portraits which I can really respect because that is probably the hardest thing for me to do. She does it well, and creates an extremely emotional and slightly uncomfortable feeling. I also love her processes. To me, a lot of it looks like a mistake in the developing process but she embraces it and makes it her own.

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Vivian Maier

As you may have read in my last post, I had the opportunity to view original Vivian Maier Photos at the AIPAD photography show. I learned about Vivan last year, and her story is one of a kind. Of course, she wasn’t famous when she was alive. Maier died in 2009, just before her thousands upon thousands of negatives were discovered. In fact, she never even saw many of her own photographs. She was a nanny/housekeeper by profession, and street photographer in her free time. It seems like every photo she took was a work of art, which is rare for a street photographer. She shot mostly black and white medium format film (which is what I mostly shoot) but if you take a look at her few color photos, they are stunning. I would have to say they are probably my favorite, but it’s hard to play favorites with her work.

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AIPAD photo show

This weekend I have the incredible opportunity to attend the AIPAD (The Association of International Art Dealers) Photo show in New York City. The show was held at the Park Ave. Armory and panel discussions were held throughout the day on Saturday. One of the panels I attended was “A Celebration of Franchesca Woodman”. I was extremely excited about this because her work is a big influence in mine. My work isn’t quite as eerie, but her use of space is similar to how I work. Before attending this panel, I didn’t know much about her except for the fact that she committed suicide when she was 22 years old. It is such a shame, because she was truly an amazing artist.

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Baubauhaus is a little bit like pinterest but for serious artists that just want to inspire each other. It’s a simple idea, full of great art. I found this site through a friend of mine, whom I will feature here on AdLib soon! Get ready for that one.

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770 Behind the Line: The (unofficial) J.Crew blog

One blog I love to get a well rounded insight and inspiration from is the 770 Behind the line: (un)official Jcrew blog. Fashion, design, and photography all in one place. Yes, you can probably find that anywhere these days, but I am loving the color palates in particular. They also often talk to in house designers and other various employees, which is great because I will take any advice I can get! I try to make a point to pay attention to what the people that have my (hopeful) future job say. I’m probably not the first to tell you this, but always keep an eye out for inspiration anywhere, and take in any advice you can get (even if its bad, you can still learn from it!)

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Elizabeth Weinberg, Photographer

Recently discover yet another photographer that makes me insanely jealous.

Elizabeth Weinberg is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY but travels to Los Angeles often.

Some of her clients include: NYLON, New York Magazine, Pac Sun, Rolling Stone, Starbucks, Target, and many many more. She creates images that really make you feel like you are right there with the subject. They feel like snapshots from any point in time of anyone’s life. I love when photographers are able to create a career out of shooting what they love. Most of her photos used in ad’s dont look like advertisements per say, take the copy out and it is just a piece of art you can hang on your wall.

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Tiny Anchors

Tiny Anchors is a creative inspiration blog started by Brooke Mousitis of Brooke Courtney Photography in my hometown of Lancaster, PA.

“My goal is not to have the best blog out there, for there are tons of similar blogs, or to have a million followers. I just want to be able to look back at the end of every year and see what what projects I was working on and what was inspiring me at the time.” -Brooke

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Chris Sisarich, Photographer

I’d like to introduce you to a photographer that I would personally LOVE to meet or work for, but unfortunately (for me) is located in New Zealand. Chris Sisarich has a mix of art photography and advertising photography which I find both to be beautiful. I usually am not a fan of most advertising photography, but his is a work of art. His photographs are dreamlike and make you feel like you are in another world. He has worked on several accounts including Car manufacturers, Airlines, Tourism ads, Drink Companies, and much more.  But his landscapes are my favorite!

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3191 Miles Apart

3191 Miles Apart is a blog started by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes. Both Photographers, Art Directors, Stylists, and Designers. The two creatives met back in 2005 and in 2007 started their first project of diptych photographs: “A year of mornings”, followed by  “A year of evenings”. “A year in mornings: 3191 miles apart” eventually got published, and is now the only place we are able to view the photographs. In 2010, they decided to take their series to a quarterly magazine print format, and post weekly on the blog.

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La Redoute’s Questionable, Yet Very Naked, Mistake

When creating good advertising, we are taught that it is of the upmost importance to consider our target audience’s feelings, and what their reaction may be to what we put out there. So, when French powerhouse fashion retail company La Redoute published a photo of four children in La Redoute swimwear on a beach with a completely naked man in the background, its no surprise the “mistake” caused quite a stir.

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Where Children Sleep Photo Project

James Mollison has developed an interesting project that really touches base with hearts across the world.

James Mollison was born in Kenya in 1973 and grew up in England. After studying Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University, and later film and photography at Newport School of Art and Design, he moved to Italy to work at Benetton’s creative lab, Fabrica. His work has been widely published throughout the world including by Colors, The New York Times Magazine, the Guardian magazine, The Paris Review, The New Yorker and Le Monde.

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Nikon Pour L’homme?

This certainly isn’t a vintage ad, but it’s older than you may think. Personally, I can never get enough of those earth tones. Not to mention it’s a beautiful shot. It has an air of sophistication about it. I dig the subtlety of the type. I actually used a similar concept for my first art direction project. The Nuvis S looks like cologne. I made a bag that looked like perfume. I suppose that’s why this ad just jumped out at me.

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