Gozaik: The Twitter Resume



A friend of mine actually tweeted about this great new company today called Gozaik, a social job application only that is saying goodbye to 8.5 x 11 paper resumes and hello to job-landing digital, mosaic-style multimedia resumes. Gozaik’s services use Twitter as a way for young professionals to search and apply for jobs. Students and young professionals who utilize the service will find help in marketing themselves more effectively via their social media, something that many top employers are paying particular attention to today. The services are also given to employers who are searching for the best and brightest talent on the market.

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Get Those Design Resumes Ready!


Design Philadelphia, 


Revamped Resume


Design Philadelphia is hosting over 150 design events. One of these events is “Revamped Resume.” This event doesn’t help you write your resume, but focuses on your resume’s design. Make your resume stand out and say something about yourself! Resume design styles and color palettes will be provided, and There will be tips on embellishing, pairing with presentation envelopes, and CD enclosures for a powerful impact. There will be other portfolio ideas and inspiration as well.

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Writing Your “About Me” Page

It’s a good idea to have some sort of online presence outside of Facebook.  A blog is an excellent way to showcase your unique tastes and talents. Every blog has (or should have) an About Me page. This allows users to get a quick insight into you and your background. Even if you don’t create a blog, chances are you’re going to have to define yourself some time in the near future.

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