June 2014

A 9 to 5 Surprise (actually, I only work 9 to 2)

Our office kind of looked like the ending of "E.T." for a few weeks.

Our office kind of looked like the ending of “E.T.” for a few weeks.


Obviously for an internship, your hours aren’t going to be the same as your full-time job. I work downtown at ChatterBlast and one of the first things they asked us – even before our orientation day – was what kind of schedule we’d like and our vacation plans. My only experience before this was for a designer, where there was no set schedule and I’d come in with night-before notice. So not only was a set schedule really refreshing so I wasn’t always on-call, but it was surprising to see how a more concrete business position actually works, partly based on my past experience but mostly because of what it had been like growing up. Both of my parents were successful with what they did so, until I actually saw other people at work, the idea of a job actually lasting from roughly nine to five seemed incredibly dated; I’d always been around a more eight to eight work flow and thought that that is how most businesses are run today. It’s nice that a career can be something that isn’t a chore and doesn’t make you come home hating life! This isn’t to say that people at ChatterBlast don’t work hard because the opposite is definitely true and everyone always has something to be doing, but seeing that life can be separated into different section with work being just one part of your day is really reassuring. It makes me see a different kind of adult life where you can still be successful and passionate without giving up the other things you like to do – even though I usually choose to finish up work and stay half an hour later than I’m scheduled for.

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Tea-riffic teas and more at Harris Tea


Hello! I see you’ve stumbled upon this quirky little post. My name is Deanna L Gormisky. Deanna is just fine.

I am a copywriter who is interning at Harris Tea Company in New Jersey. Maybe you’ve heard of them; maybe you haven’t. I’d go into the spiel of their address, which is 344 New Albany Road, and how they’re about 15 minutes away from the Betsy, and how they’ve been in business for an extremely long time, but that’s taking away from what they do: they make tea. That is all you need to know.

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Kuwaiti in Philadelphia

Where I work!

Where I work!

Hello fellow advertisers. My name is Latifah Alrasheed and I am an international student from Kuwait. I am interning at Financial Integrity Resources Management, LLC. Also known as FIRM. The CEO and owner of FIRM contacted me after attending the international Career-link event at Temple hoping to get my first advertising internship and I was lucky to be chosen as the marketing and advertising intern at FIRM.

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My Internship at Local Vox Media

I am a marketing Intern at Localvox media; I am thoroughly enjoying my experience here, although it is a short internship for approximately 6 weeks. In the short time I have been here I have learned quite a lot. I have had to learn to use a variety of different programs such as Photoshop, Gimp (which is very similar to Photoshop) it is a free photo editing software but it is not as advanced or have the same amount  of options as Photoshop does. Although I am here as a Marketing interning, I am doing some graphic design while the graphic design intern hasn’t started here. So this is a great experience as prior to starting here I had not used any photo editing what so ever. As the internship goes on I will be carrying out marketing research to expand and define our target companies. Over the next couple of weeks I will be migrating clients to a new platform and content from one platform to another and ensuring that the content redirects properly from our legacy site to the new site, helping work out our processes for migration by testing our documentation to make sure the steps for migration are clear, intuitive and efficient.. I was unaware of what to expect from this internship/Local Vox Media, as I had only interned at strictly advertising firms prior to this internship. This internship has widened my horizon as to how marketing can be linked with advertising. Although this internship is unpaid I don’t feel cheated as the amount I am learning in the 6 weeks I am here is exceeding the amount I stand to learn here. Working in this company has also forced me to become more able to detect slight errors in text or while migrating clients. As the slightest minute error could cost this company a client and that could cost the company a lot. I am hoping to get the opportunity to work with the SEO department a little more. I will truly appreciate this internship for many different reasons and one of those reason is that before this internship I had the idea that because I am studying advertising and that I was going to work in advertising, but now I am highly interested in the routes of marketing and SEO (search Engine Optimization)

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Getting Flyered Up


My name is Moira Meekes and I am currently interning with Comcast-Spectacor in the Business Development Department. As a Business Development intern, my daily tasks this far have included brainstorming different events to host to help gain sponsorships, creating and executing a detailed and structured plan to update our Pinterest page and gain followers, and researching other professional hockey teams to keep track of their activity and what they do that makes their business so successful.
Even though I am only three weeks into my internship, I have already learned a great deal. The biggest thing I have learned from this experience this far is not to get ahead of myself. This may sound pretty standard, but I have realized from working here that quality work takes time. I have learned that a lot of editing, reevaluating and possibly even a changes of plans are not failures but rather opportunities to better an idea. I have also learned to always ask questions. When I first started I was afraid to ask questions regarding work that was asked to be done, but now I feel completely comfortable. I have learned that it’s better to ask the questions you need answered the first time around rather than submitting wrong or poor  quality work.
Fortunately for me, my supervisor is very supportive of all my ideas. He offers any suggestions he has and he always offers feedback to help better my ideas. My overall experience at Comcast-Spectacor this far has been extremely positive. It has not only been amazing to meet so many intelligent and successful people, it has also been amazing to see the things that I have learned in the classroom benefit me here at my internship. It’s very exciting to be trusted with work for such a prestigious organization, its nice to feel accomplished after finishing a task, knowing that it isn’t only producing a letter grade but so much more.

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