As an Account Management Intern at LevLane, I finally feel satisfied in knowing what I want to do. When I first enrolled into Temple University as an undecided major, I at least knew I was between two (opposite) majors: Advertising and Biology. I liked advertising solely because of the “Art Direction” track it offered, and I liked bio because it had a pre-dentistry program, in which I was interested. I took Introduction to Advertising and thought it was really fascinating. I also took Chemistry, which I realized was not for me. I was super excited to start all of the advertising classes and start putting my Adobe Suite skills to use- for my school work- was that real??

I knew this major was all about real-life experience and internships, so I stuck with it knowing it was still something I wanted to do. I was never super passionate about one solid thing, but I didn’t mind that. Going through Art Direction I and II were very eye-opening. I loved creating the work, but had a hard time perfecting it and making it look the way I envisioned. It seemed to come so easy for the others. I always liked advertising because of both the creative and business side, so I decided to try a marketing internship. I liked some of the work I was doing, but it was pretty dry.

Going into my second semester of senior year, I decided I wanted to do the account side of advertising. However, I was not going to stay another semester to change my track. I’ve learned that it is all about experience and the people you make connections with that matter the most. I am currently interning in the account department at LevLane, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. The atmosphere, the people, and the work are all great. I have real work for real clients, which they use. I think internships are super important because you figure out what you like and dislike. Here at LevLane, the environment and the people are amazing. A major positive is that the tasks I get each day are real work that I do for the clients. I am doing a wide range of projects: from editing content on a soon-to-be-live retirement home website, to creating eblasts for a spa franchise. The open environment and casual dress code here at LevLane really create a great vibe for everyone. I am glad to say that each day when I wake up early to come into the office, I am excited.