3 Ways Women Influence Advertising


1. Most women are in control of finances and budgets
2. Women make majority of purchasing decisions
3. All targets can be reached through women

80% of all purchasing decisions are made by women (Buisness Week). In the household women are in control of where the money is spent and how much of it is spent. This is why advertisers have realized this is a strong target to market towards. In a household, mothers and wives are the outlet to all other family members. They make the purchases for their children and spouses, therefore influencing brand loyalty to the other family members. Studies have shown that what a child is raised on is what they will most likely purchase when it is time for them to start purchasing for themselves. Looking at the link provided, it will show how much control women have in making larger purchasing decisions. Now ask yourself; Why do you make the purchases you make? Is it because you just choose the brands you use, or is there someone in your life that has influenced your decisions. Most people would be able to answer with a woman in mind.

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