A 3 Month Workout!

My name is Tony Lim. I am currently an intern at Weston Fitness, a health club in Center City Philadelphia on 19th and Market. When applying for this marketing/advertising internship, I was hoping to get this opportunity because it could not have come at a better time. Not only do I need the experience, but also I recently began working out and started my own fitness routine regularly. What could be better than interning for a marketing/advertising position in my desired study of choice and be able to be surrounded in a gym where I can get tips from certified personal trainers and learn more about exercising?

Let me start off by saying how Weston Fitness is a high-energy environment.
In the morning hours that I work, you can hear the loud up-tempo workout music blasting. “Keep going! Don’t Quit, 1 More!” shouting into the speakers from the fitness class instructors never seems to bore me, especially Monday mornings. As the instructor is pumping up everyone, I tend to feel motivated myself. While I’m in my office, there is always something different to do each day.

Most of my days consist of walking around the city to do some cross promoting, handing out flyer ads, daily updating our social media Facebook page, and creating print ads of my own. During the first month of my internship, I was able to gain partnerships for membership discounts. It was a challenge at first to approach store managers and to get them to be interested. This taught me after trial and error, that confidence is key. I’ve learned that being a good sales person is important in life. As long as you are confident and persuasive enough, you can pretty much sell anything, whether it’s a good or bad product. Others just have to see the benefit of what you are offering. Additionally, I was able to find a restaurant that allowed Weston Fitness to set up an onsite event outside as well to do some promoting.

This is a flyer ad I helped put together.
My time here has already allowed me to get involved in two health fairs, one at Stradley Ronon and the other at Nasdaq. I was able to observe how marketing, gaining sales leads, and how advertising all tie in from beginning to end. It is an invaluable experience to be able to see a membership director working with clients, being able to personally hand out flyers, promoting the gym on social media, reaching out to interested partnerships, etc. all help impact the marketing of a business. This is a great opportunity for me to be a part of. There was not much holding hands, and I was able to independently learn which method works best. In the end, I believe it makes you mentally stronger. Weston Fitness is a great place to be where everyone is physically reaching their goals.

This was a poster ad I edited for a social event.

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  1. Tony, It sounds like your internship is going great, what a perfect place to work in the summer! What are you finding to be the most rewarding, working on flyer design or generating sales/partnerships?

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