A Reflection on the Small Company with Big Ideas: i-g Creative

As my internship at i-g Creative dwindles down to close, I have had a chance to look back on this past semester at what I’ve spent my time doing and what I’ve gained from my internship. In my last blog post, I discussed how i-g Creative was not an average company: it’s small, and laidback but as an intern I felt like I was contributing to the company instead of being given busy work.

Work space in the i-g Creative offices

i-g Creative forced me out of my comfort zone in many aspects. The interns are given a lot of freedom in what their workweek looks like in terms of assignments and activities. Although this freedom was awesome, it was also intimidating. I am used to having strict guidelines and being told what to do in school, and my past work experience. I-g Creative forced me to be self sufficient, independent and speak up, which are qualities that had never been asked of me in the “working world.” Intimidating at first, paid off in the end because I feel like I got an amazing experience at i-g Creative, and part of why I feel this way is because of the effort I made.

More workspace murals at i-g Creative

i-g Creative is big on social media, whereas, I am not to say the least. When I interviewed for i-g, my Facebook had been deactivated for quite some time and I was completely ok with it. I-g Creative politely asked me to reactivate my facebook, as I would be working with social media on a daily basis. After this semester, I still have many of the same negative feelings for the social media platform from my own personal account, but I now understand why social media is so important for businesses and the impact it makes. I was made an administrator for one of i-g creative’s pages “this is is philly” over the semester I saw why and how companies utilize social media to reach their target audience. Social media is constantly evolving with technology, and in today’s world if a company wants to stay relevant they need social media. As I said before, I personally am not huge on facebook as the majority of my news feed tends to consist of cats, or people’s dinner and political fury but I am also a pretty private person, but I now understand why businesses need and use social media.

This semester at i-g Creative was extremely rewarding and I will never forget my positive experience with this company. I learned so much, and I would love to see how they develop and grow over time because I can only see good things in the future for them. If I could do this internship over again, I would in a heartbeat. This company pushed me to do my best, and I grew so much from the experience, isn’t that what internships are all about?

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