A Success Workshop & A Winning Campaign!

Monday, December 10th, marked the end of the Philly Ad club HS workshop. The turn out for the final presentation was greater than expected. The students from both high schools came together to present their final campaigns to Philabundance and they came well prepared. Prior to this experience students knew very little about advertising and they ended it with a strong sense of knowledge about what advertising is and how to put together a campaign. While our time with the students was cut short from hurricane sandy and holidays, each of them worked extra hard to achieve the deadline. Since we had lost some time, we decided to go in last Wednesday before the final presentation. We all worked together to finish the presentation and assign students to what parts they would be presenting. Majority of the students had no public speaking experience prior to the final presentation and we wanted to do a run through with them so they could practice what they were saying and also get a sense of how the presentation would run. We gave the students notecards and helped them figure out what to say for the slides assigned for them, but also encouraged them to think of something on their own. They knew the presentation and what to say better than they thought they did and with a little encouragement they were able to excel.

Watching the students present the day of the final presentation was very rewarding and exciting! These students got up there and spoke to a rather large group of people. They stood up there and gave their presentations with a sense of confidence and achievement. Listening to each of them blew me away. Aaron especially, he stood up there and told them exactly why they chose music, how it would be effective, and how it is important in advertising. The most exciting part was that he came up with his entire speech all by himself. These students didn’t stand up there and present like HS students, they stood strong and proud up there and presented like college students at the end of the semester presenting their final project. Even if these students don’t go into a career in the communications industry, I hope this class showed them that when given a challenge with something unfamiliar to them, they are able to work hard and overcome it with great success. I hope these students realize how talented they are and that there are so many opportunities for them after high school. During the tour after the presentation it was very exciting to hear that Halyya had applied to Temple and  few other schools and that she had gotten excepted into the business program at IUP! Hopefully more of them will have applied and been accepted to schools within the next few months!

This experience is definitely a memorable one and I am very happy I decided to take the class. What made the experience truly was the students and their dedication. At the end of the day we wouldn’t have had the same experience or success with the winning campaign without them! GREAT JOB KCAPA!!

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