Advertising the Greater Good



Advertising is a great source for inspiration when we think about expanding our own skills and creativity. Some of the most inspirational advertisements come from social cause and non-profit campaigns. There’s a site, Osocio, that I frequent to quite often to see what’s new in this area of the industry. Osocio posts the best global campaigns of non-profit advertising and social cause marketing.  The blog posts impressive work from various organizations and agencies on a wide variety of topics from activism to environmental issues to social aid and so on.

To give you a feel for what kinds of advertisements that Osocio highlights, I’ll show you what they posted today that really left an impression on me. There’s a  new campaign in the UK created by organizations working to influence action by the G8 on global hunger. This new campaign, Enough Food for Everyone IF, presents the issue of global hunger in a creative way that conveys the idea that the need for focus on global hunger requires such a simple decision to make actions that even children can understand it’s a problem. Watch the spot below.

Osocio covers campaigns such as this, print campaigns, and creative guerilla campaigns that are truly inspiring for creatives in the industry to see and study. It’s always great to see what else is going on in the industry, especially when the work is being done to help non-profits and social causes that need messages their messages heard.

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