After Interning, Brand Strategy Is Still Top of Mind


Hey, everyone! My name is Andrea Cicio and I’ve spent this semester interning at Braithwaite Communications, a Marketing, Branding and Public Relations firm on 15th and Walnut Streets (in Center City).

When conducting my search for fall semester internships, Braithwaite struck my interest because of their unique combination of service offerings. As an Advertising student who hopes to have a career in brand strategy, I felt their branding services,

built on the motto of “stories worth spreading,” would allow me to learn how companies position and make themselves known. As an Advertising student who knows traditional lines between departments within agencies are blending together, I wanted to gain exposure to public relations and learn how media coverage boosts a brand’s presence.

What I love about interning at Braithwaite is getting to learn new skills as each client’s needs vary. In respect to public relations, my most notable responsibilities include researching and building calendars of events clients could sponsor, creating media lists of publications and their respective contacts.

In respect to branding of both clients and the agency itself, my responsibilities include building branding presentations that analyze consumer insights about the clients’ services, writing and maintaining the agency’s social media presence and conducting research on best practices in branding for the agency to use in future projects (my next post will outline this project & my presentation, so stay tuned!)

Aside from the insight I’ve gained from my day-to-day responsibilities, interning at Braithwaite has really taught me the importance of connecting with my colleagues. From sitting in weekly agency staff meetings where account updates are presented to following up with account executives on projects I’ve completed, effectively communicating with and listening to those I work with has been key to my growth as an intern.

Interning at Braithwaite this semester has truly been eye opening, professionally speaking. All of the work I’ve done, and especially my work in social media and branding, have made me realize I do indeed want to continue to pursue a career in brand strategy.


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