Apple Tribute logo designed by 19-year-old

A current art direction student of mine sent me an article last night that he found on Yahoo! News about a 19-year old college student who had designed an Apple logo honoring Steve Jobs. He had originally designed this logo to honor Jobs’ contributions to the industry when he had stepped down a few months back as CEO.

Credit: Jonathan Mak Long

The logo has found its way as the preferred profile pic on Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account since Jonathan Mak Long (the artist) re-blogged it after Jobs passed away this past week as a cyber tribute. Long told Yahoo! in a Skype interview, “With Jobs gone, Apple is literally missing a piece.”

This design and blog post has received 180,000 + likes and reposts on Tumblr in ONE DAY!

“I just got my first MacBook Pro a year ago,” he admitted — and he still doesn’t own an iPhone.

Long is still waiting to hear back from an email he sent to Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook.


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