As it comes to an end.

As my internship is coming to an end with about 6 days left I have begun to assess some of the major things I have learned, skills I have refined and what I have truly got out of interning with W Magazine. What I have learned is that fashion is not always glamorous. A lot of effort goes in to making things look effortless. Long hours, extreme organization and disciplined focus are just some of the qualities I have learned make up a successful career in fashion. To develop the skills to endure long hours, become extremely organized and obtain a disciplined focus, passion and a lot of ambition is required. A fashion editor wears the hat of a reporter, a researcher, a stylist and everything in between.  Without a passion for the collections, and a serious ambition to go far in life survival in fashion is slim to none.

Some major skills I have refined are my time management, communication, leadership, and particularly organizational. When I started at W one of my first major tasks was to organize the 500+ piece jewelry collection in the closet, a mere challenge to say the least. After a week of restructuring I was able to fully reorganize and implement a clearly organized system for the jewelry editor I intern for. With her guidance, experience, and vision for how a jewelry department at a magazine should be ran I was able to really develop my organizational skills by building a system from the ground up.

What I have learned and the skills I have refined are only parts of what I have truly gotten out of interning with W. A more defined sense of confidence in my true potential. What I have truly gotten out of W is the reassurance that I am built for a career in fashion, whenever in the near futur

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