AT & Teapot

As far as I’m concerned, this is the first funny commercial of the year. AT&T takes a stab at repositioning its intentionally unmentioned competition. There has been much back and forth between AT&T and Verizon legally and commercially about who’s fastest and I still don’t know honestly. From my understanding, Verizon has infrastructure on its side and there wouldn’t be so much complaining about the iPhone if AT&T was really the fastest. That’s why AT&T isn’t naming names. This campaign seems to be more about prevention and lessening buyer’s remorse than an actual benefit. You’re going to get the message regardless; the last one to get it is a rotten egg even if that means everybody but you. For others who may see things the way I do, spots like this are necessary in (maybe) helping us forget the facts. The other spot in this campaign, the taco spot, does much of the same. Instead of being a rotten egg, it’s about not being insecure.

This “teapot” spot has the same “I want to laugh too” charm of this older Volkswagen ad, but instead of being on the inside, the curiosity is on the outside of the vehicle.

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