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Hello, everyone! I am Hyeri. Currently, I am doing an internship as an advertising intern in TAF JK Group which is a web design and branding company.


I am interested in marketing, so I wanted to experience it. On my first day of the internship, my boss asked me what I expect to learn. I talked about my interests and he allowed me to participate in a new project which is launching a website for the Philly Korean community. The website is offering yellow pages of Korean businesses in Philadelphia, Korean news, Korean restaurant ratings, and so on. On the other cities, there are their own community websites to share information. However, there was that kind of websites in Philadelphia because most Korean people in Philly, especially older generation, get information from community newspapers or other people’s saying. In these days, many people use smartphones and mobile devices, so my team is expecting to attract many Korean people.


For two months, we have developed the website and we are currently focusing on marketing. My boss wanted me to research and come up with ideas introducing and attracting the website to Koreans in Philadelphia. Through conducting survey and researching, many people use social networking sites to be connected and share information. Also, I learned from classes that using social media is one of effective marketing nowadays. We need connections with Korean people, I started to build up Facebook page for the website. As I learned from classes, I decided to make the page as the character’s personal page. On the logo, there is a blue guy named bluein, which means a blue person in Korean. The blue guy introduces diverse contents such as pictures of Korean food and Korean news with link of the pages on the website.


For example, I posted on the wall, “I ate spicy noodle soup yesterday in YongHwaroo (which is Korean restaurant), and I rated five stars in because it was so delicious! See my rating and review!” Also, we offer recipes of Korean foods on the website, so I posted the picture of food and shared QR code of the recipe.


In recent days, I am inviting Korean people in Philadelphia to “like” the page. Also, I keep updating Facebook page to offer information as well as be connected with Korean people. I’m expecting many people use it because Korean people want to be connected with each other and get information easily through the internet. I am so happy to participate in this meaningful project.

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