Bears Eat Berries Press

Bears Eat Berries is a small letterpress/design studio based in Washington D.C. Ran by a girl named Laura, the studio still uses a vintage press and hand mixed inks. Inspired by clean typography, texture, and folky/modern motifs, there is no doubt you will find the perfect card or design for whatever you are looking for!

“I operate (and get my exercise from!) a 1911 Chandler & Price floor printing press in its original form with a cast-iron foot treadle that powers the press. Products from Bears Eat Berries Press are unique and handcrafted, using the traditional form of printmaking with modern and original designs. Each product is a fine paper good that you can see, feel and share.”

I love that she still embraces the old style of letterpress since it is hard to find these days. Her designs bring the vintage usage and gives it a modern feel. Her blog is full of creative DIY’s and inspiration, maybe she’ll give all you creative’s out there some new ideas!

While her website is under construction, check out Laura’s blog or Etsy shop!



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