Last week I was called into my supervisors office. At first I was kind of nervous because I thought maybe I did something wrong but I knew that wasn’t it. So I walk into the room and sit down. My supervisor asks me would I like to take photos for an hour at the Best of Style Party. The Best of Style Party is hosted by the Borgata at the Kimmel Center. The theme is Midnight in Paris and lots of fabulous people in the fashion, real-estate, beauty, travel, philanthropy, entertainment, home d├ęcor, architecture industries will be there. It will be an awesome experience for me to shoot there because I am an up and coming photographer. My work will be seen on and I will get photo credit. I will also be able to network and give these important people my card. This was the best part of my internship because not only did I get an advertising internship but I also will get experience shooting for reputable magazine.

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