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I’ve been interning at the PennSuburban Chamber for almost six months now. Time has quickly flown by! In that time period, I have learned how to write press releases, use Constant Contact, formed relationships with media outlets and made business connections that are potential assets to my future career!

My interview at The Reporter went extremely well! I came up with tons of great pitches, each of which were warmly welcomed by editor-in-chief Ann Cornell. I started setting up the beginning stages of my blog (WordPress is a whole new ballgame). I even got the go ahead to buy my domain name,

My blog will feature practical fashion tips, smart shopping ideas, sales, etc. I am so excited as this new chapter in my life unfolds! I’ve always wanted to create my own blog, as I feel I have a vision and a goal to help women feel great about themselves and use clothing as a means of personal expression. I kept putting it off due to other responsibilities, but now that I have the pressure of sticking to a weekly schedule, I finally get to live out my dream.

The beginning stages of my blog!
The beginning stages of my blog!

I never would have gotten this opportunity if it weren’t for my internship at the Chamber. It’s crazy how a few networking opportunities led me to starting my dream job. I’ve always wanted to write about what I love, and after implementing a plan, I hope to focus on how to turn this into a full-time gig.

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