Building Bonds at the Internship

One of the most beneficial aspects of having an internship are the relationships that you form with your coworkers and your bosses. While interning at Iperdesign this summer, I’ve  really gotten to know the other interns while working on projects together. It helped to become friends with them while working because we were able to form better concepts when bouncing off ideas off of one another. Figuring out how to approach the bosses for questions and deciphering which one specialized in a certain field of the workplace helped to solve design solutions better than trying to figure them out yourself. At first I made the mistake of being too shy to ask certain things, but I quickly learned that the the reason that you are interning is to ask questions, no matter how small, because they may inevitably come up again. My bosses loved when we even asked questions that were unrelated to the projects we were working on. For example, I randomly wanted to know more about Pantone colours and the differences between Coated and Uncoated Pantones. Building bonds and asking questions were the most valuable things that I got out of my internship experience and I know I will use them wherever I end up in the future.

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