Can you Photoshop?

As students in the creative industry, we are always challenged with our Photoshop skills by making things look just right. We learn that we need to make sure when we use the Creative Suite programs, we need to try our best. In this example, we can see that it was done very poorly.

Us Weekly Advertisement- Royal Pains

This week, I looked at the Us Weekly Magazine. It’s the January 23rd issue with the cover of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. I was going through this magazine earlier this week and I came across an advertisement for a USA Network program Royal Pains. I don’t know if many of you watch this show but, it’s about a man who gets fired as a doctor because he saved a life of a poor kid rather than a rich man. So, he goes to the Hampton’s and becomes a concierge doctor for the rich.

Since he is a doctor in the Hampton’s, the scenery is always near the water therefore, they decided to advertise him halfway in the water. You can tell that this isn’t real because first off, the water looks extremely unreal. Also, you can see by the second image, that the feet are not real. They actually created the feet! It’s not real! It looks so fake that I laughed. I guess the people in the Us Weekly are busy because they produce many magazines so they decided not to spend so much time on it. But I feel that things like this can come back and bite them in the butt.

Us Weekly Advertisement- Royal Pains Feet

This isn’t the only time they actually got some kind of publicity. I found a website where they discussed how the main actor, Mark Feuerstein has a hairy feet in the previous ads but in this new ad he has a hairless feet. It was said that the new ad appeared in Vanity Fair and since women are the target, they might be turned off by a hairy feet therefore, they fixed his feet. The things they do to make it just right for the target makes perfect sense to me. However, making feet look extremely fake is not one of the requirements.

Royal Pains- Feet compare


  1. The entire ad looks fake in my opinion, but I’d blame the ad agency or creative agency that USA hired to make this ad (cringes). I can kind of see where they wanted to go with the concept it just wasn’t executed properly or even decently really.

  2. Yeah, I agree. It looks really fake. His body looks awkward and the background is fake too. I think they did a terrible job (whoever that created it).

  3. This is very interesting and I am amazed with what people can do with photo shop. How long does something like this take? Is it hard for you? I would love to be skilled at photo shop. Do some people just photo shop pictures for magazines as their professional?

  4. Well, it all depends on technique. If I had the correct photo and the correct effects I dont think it will take a long time. (Maybe couple hours). Well the thing with this piece is that, it’s kind of tricky because half of his body is in the “ocean”. But people do have a professional life just photoshopping like hundreds of images a day. Could be fun.

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