Changing Perspectives Through Experience

Throughout the past few months, I have been interning full-time at Evoke Health, an advertising agency that deals with pharmaceutical companies. I came into this experience, hoping to learn more about the account executives and the sort of work that they do on a daily basis. However, as my work began to progress, I became more and more drawn to the research aspect of this industry. I have worked with several different brands, all of whom are extremely professional and inspirational. In the first few weeks, I followed them and ask question after question about how they keep their work organized, keeping the client happy, being the middle man between clients and the creative team, and everything else I could think of. Within the past month or so, though, I have found myself much more drawn to aspect of discovering what other brands are offering and how they are differentiating themselves. Everyday I look forward to learning something new about the competitors in our industry.

The first project that started early on in my internship had to do with a weight-loss product that had not yet been released. This was a new client that we had recently pitched to and won and now we needed to go above and beyond to show them that they made the right choice. After I learned about this account, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. Through the past three years at Temple, I have listened and learned all about different brands and products, but this was my first chance to see a campaign really be built from the ground up. I told the account executives that I have been interested in fitness for years and I would love to help them learn about what other products are offering so that they could have a better idea of the industry themselves. Thank God they agreed.

Over the next few weeks, I became an expert in the fat-loss and dieting industry. I learned about over-the-counter appetite suppressants, prescription diet supplements, thermogenics, and many more kinds of pills and shakes that promise to help people lose weight. I found out where they were advertising, what they were saying, all of their taglines, their price range, and anything else I could possibly think of to help the Evoke Team. At the end of this process, I submitted my work to the AE’s, who all gave me rave reviews. Today, our client has an impressive website with upcoming impressive advertising that I, unfortunately, have not been cleared to show. I can promise, however, that is something that the fat-loss industry has never seen before.

Our recently refined and finished website!
Our recently refined and finished website!

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