Chase with Coke this Super Bowl Season

Now I don’t mean that as in an alcoholic activity with your friends on the weekend but rather Coca Cola’s big game ad. With Super Bowl XLVII approaching, many advertisers have put out teasers to entice viewers to watch the Super Bowl not only for the game, but for the ads. I would have to say that I’m guilty myself of only watching the Super Bowl for the sole purpose of the outlandish and humorous ads that play during breaks. Coca Cola’s chase ad features three groups of people fighting until the end to quench their thirst with a refreshing Coca Cola. Viewers vote in advance for either the Cowboys, Showgirls, or Badlanders on Each group has a specific profile listing their skills, strengths, weaknesses, origins, occupations, names, their motto, and how long each group has been in the desert. Coke has also integrated hashtags in this ad to promote voting on social networking sites all before the ad even airs at the Super Bowl on February 3rd. To vote or learn more about coke chase 2013 visit!

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