This summer I have been interning at Chestnut Hill LOCAL newspaper
and it has been a very interesting experience to say the least. An 
endless supply of projects and ideas from my boss, Larry Hochberger,
has kept me busy and utterly entertained every day I go into the office.



My first project started out as an idea to clean up some of the google
map windows we had on the website, and eventually turned into a brand
new webpage on the CHL website. After tinkering with "my places" on the
Google Map app, I figured out how to create a new kind of interactive
real estate advertisement. <Click the link below and look at the map––
Every open house in the area each week is pinned on the map with the
logo of its real estate company–– Click on a pin, as you can see each
pin has a description and a picture of the house.> Anyone looking for
real estate open houses in the area can learn everything they need to
know, from directions to price on this map.


View OPEN HOUSES in a larger map



I made these ads for two of CHL’s regularly scheduled advertisers,

EICHLER & MOFFLY and ELFANT WISSAHICKON. These new ads are sized for the
 new LOCAL website that will be coming out soon. Until then these ads
 will be used to show business examples of the new web advertisement
 that CHL is now offering.


Eichler & Moffly








Elfant Wissahickon

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