Cocktails in Ancient Egypt on a Sunday Afternoon?








The agency I intern for, Quaker City Mercantile, attends various events where they showcase our products. On Sunday, March 13th I was lucky enough to work at the event entitled Brewer’s Plate at The University of Penn’s Museum of Anthropology. The event, which was a fundraiser for Fair Trade Foods, comprised of numerous local breweries and restaurants all coming together to offer yummy samples. The purpose of Quaker City to attend events such as this is for people to gain exposure on the unique organic liquors Quaker City’s store Art in the Age has to offer.

I showed up at the back of the museum at the scheduled time, 2pm, to unload our supplies and decor. Another intern and I were planned to work the event. Two hours later the other intern shows up with all of our supplies. Luckily, the event was not scheduled to start until 4pm so we frantically began to set up our designated table located in the Ancient Egypt section of the museum.

The products we were sampling were two liqueurs: ROOT and SNAP. Both of these liqueurs are 80 Proof and certified organic. ROOT consists of 12 herbs and spices and is an alcoholic version of Native American Root tea. We were pairing ROOT with a Ginger Beer that everyone seemed to enjoy and were raving about. SNAP is similar to ROOT in that it also contains various spices such as ginger and nutmeg. SNAP was being paired with Apple Cider which was favorable among people as well. I noticed numerous people coming up continuously telling me ROOT and SNAP were their favorite samples of the night. One woman even said SNAP tasted like her taste buds were dancing. It was entertaining and satisfying to know people were enjoying what we were offering.

The whole setting of the event was very intriguing and beautiful. All throughout the room were Ancient Egyptian artifacts and sculptures. My one regret about the Brewer’s Plate event as a whole was that I did not have time to walk around and taste other samples. Our booth was so busy the entire seven hours that we were unable to step away. Luckily, a fudge sampling table was right next to ours so we were able to snack on them :).

All in all I was very relieved we were able to pull it off after our hectic start, and that our samplings were people’s favorite. I would enjoy working an event like this again in the future.

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  1. This sounds awesome! I think it’s really neat and a great opportunity that you’re earning experience with setting up/handling events at your internship. It also sounds like you had a lot of fun, which makes it even better!

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