Complex Marketing Department at Comcast- Spectacor / Flyers Internship. What’s good.

Hi everyone!
My name is Ashley Kormos. I am a junior at Temple University and this semester I have started an internship with Comcast-Spectacor in their Complex Marketing Department. On the side I also do in-game promotions with the Philadelphia Flyers which is pretty cool, but not nearly as beneficial as my first internship. I started with Comcast-Spectacor the first week of January, and so far I am in love with it, but it definitely keeps you busy, to say the least. I am in the office from 9-4 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and also have Flyers games most Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. I must also be present at Philadelphia Wings games, usually on Saturdays or Sundays, as well also for in-game promotions. It is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.
I am an advertising major at Temple University so I am finding it very interesting to learn more about the public relations and marketing side of this company. Essentially the Complex Marketing Department acts as a full advertising agency for the Wells Fargo Center. Shows that are booked to perform at the arena either already have their marketing in place (this is more likely for concerts like Elton John or Lil’ Wayne) or ask us to market for them. When these shows ask us to market for them, someone from the Complex Media Department is assigned to either a marketing or public relation position for every show (this happens at the beginning of the show season- so in September right after the quieter months for the arena that happen in the summer.) This is where I have gained my most experience. This past month the big show that was being promoted at the Wells Fargo Center was the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I cannot tell you the countless cool things I got to do either volunteering at PR events, or even just being present at the shows- anything from watching clowns juggling on the top of the Comcast Center building to hanging out with John Bolaris during pre-show at the circus.
I do a lot of office work, but as the shows come closer, the more PR events are scheduled, and the more they need our help outside of the office. What I’ve learned so far is that interns are essential to the success of shows. Being in the office, one of the jobs that I’ve had to do is contact as many smaller or local publications I can to ask whether or not we can advertise with them only for trade (trade for tickets usually- dollar for dollar value) or if they would like to come and cover a PR event for an upcoming show. Free publicity is the best kind, and interns are very important in the process of making it happen. Even if it just showing up to PR events and helping direct media or passing out grassroots throughout the city- our help and exposure is pretty valuable. They hit a lot of their bigger audience through advertising on TV and in newspapers, but we are crucial to hit- home the idea of the show by reaching people on the streets.
It’s pretty cool to be so involved with the public relation events especially, because there are a lot of quick decisions to be made. Placement of a product or a good interview can make or break the publicity with media. That’s the other thing I learned- it is so good to volunteer at every event you can. These quick decisions cannot be taught in a classroom. Your presence is the only way to learn how to handle or hold your composure in situations. I really think I am learning a lot about the industry, and can’t wait to learn more. We have started the promotions for Sesame Street Live- Elmo’s Green Thumb this past week so I had to dress up like Cookie Monster for all our school/ daycare visits. And if you were watching any of the Sixers games- that was me too. They told me it was like earning my stripes…
Can’t wait to see what I get to do next!

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