Digital Is Where It’s At

My internship has opened my eyes to just how relevant digital has become in the advertising field right now. I am currently working on an account for Jack’s Rental Search, an application on Facebook that allows college students nationwide to conveniently find housing close to the university they attend. This account was interesting from the start because it was a service based solely on Facebook. There were pros and cons and understanding both sides was imperative to the growth process for the company.

Our biggest accomplishment thus far was on November 23rd 2011 when we released our app for iPhone users. This was a project that I was excited to see released and was a milestone for the company. Everyone says that digital is where advertising is moving and this experience has confirmed that statement. This app now lets users search for housing from their phones as well as using the GPS locator to pin point the exact location of the user showing them on a map just how close they are to the off campus houses that are available. The application essentially allows users to take their search on the road and is a great way for students to locate properties while driving around the area in which they are interested in renting to see the houses in person.

This particular part of my internship showed me that digital advertising is definitely something I would like to pursue in more depth. I believe there is so much room for growth in the digital field and this internship showed me learning the ropes early is key.

While I found a niche I am highly interested in pursuing, I also was lucky enough to find a mentor in the industry that has helped me along the way and is a valuable resource for future endeavors. I am excited to continue working in close relation with the Jack’s company and being a part of a company that evolve from the ground up right before my eyes.

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  1. Devon,
    Social media and digital advertising is definitely an interesting endeavor! While the job market isn’t so hot lately, I think it’s an amazing benefit that our generation has knowledge in the digital world that employers can’t deny. It’s an unknown outlet that is constantly growing and changing and has seemingly endless possibilities.

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