Dirty windows? Read Maxim.

You’re probably familiar with Maxim magazine already. The articles are thought provoking insights into current events and – who am I kidding. If you read Maxim, you read it for the scantily clad ladies and tips on how to get women into bed.

In flipping through the magzine, I stopped on the Maxim Market section, where ads are broken up into boxes on the page. What caught my eye was the ad for “Invisible Glass”. Nestled amongst messages promising great sex this ad seems out of place. Click through for a larger picture with amusingly bad copy.

Because when you’re reading Maxim, you;re really just looking for the best way to get your dirty windows clean. Your dirty, dirty windows. Or maybe it’s brilliant. You tell me.

Also, I really feel safe ordering from a 1-888-Stoner3 number by the way.

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