Don’t overthink it

Before I began my internship at the Brownstein Group, I had no idea what to expect.  I talked to people who had internships before, but nothing could prepare me for what I would experience at Brownstein.  As an account management intern, I have been allowed to really be involved in the process of working with clients.  I have written creative briefs, researched clients and competitors, and created powerpoints for different departments.

If I knew I would be doing this before I started, I would have been worried about how I would do.  Working with real accounts and advertising professionals alone is intimidating as it is, but having the ability to do more than just busy work made the experience much more real.

What I learned about being given responsibility at Brownstein (at least when it comes to intern standards), is to not over think what I was doing.  If I was completely unsure about something I would not hesitate to ask, but after some time I realized trusting my intuition and putting what I learned in ad classes to use was what I needed to do to complete tasks.  This was particularly true when I worked on creative briefs.  I had written countless briefs for ad classes before, so I trusted my own ability to complete them at Brownstein.  I found that it is okay to do something incorrectly and go back and fix it.  After all, an internship is a learning experience.

Carly Ambrose

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  1. My bosses tell me all the time to never over think anything as well! at the end of the day no one is dying and we arent saving lives so if you make a mistake it can always be fixed. I think having that environment for an already intimidated intern is the best because the more scared you are the more mistakes you’ll make. Keep calm and move on.

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