End of the semester blues.

So as of Friday my time with GEP has come to an end. I find that I’m oh so impressed by how much I have learned and how much experience they gave me.

When I talk to my friends about credit internships they look at it, as just another 150 hours dedicated to school, but I found that mine was so much more than an advance to graduating. Not only did I gain a ton of experience and networked with so many important people within event planning, but I gained a new family. The employees of GEP gave me the opportunity of a life time and now I feel like I can be thrown into almost any event situation, and with this feeling of accomplishment I have started my journey of finding a paid internship for the Spring semester and have already been interviewed twice.

I really do hope that every other intern’s experience was as amazing as mine, because I wouldn’t pass this opportunity up for the world, if I had a second chance. I really do hope that I work or cross paths with GEP again, because it would be wonderful to have them in my future.

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