Facebook & the Much Younger Generation

I came across an article on AdWeek called “Data Points: The Kids are Online.” The article basically reveals how younger children today such as 7 years old are already using social media sites like Facebook.

I started using Facebook when I was 17 (however I am no longer a Facebook user) and I didn’t really use it much except to comment on a few friends’ walls. It really boggled my mind to think what can a 7 year old really do on Facebook?! I mean, shouldn’t they be outside, enjoying the sun? Shouldn’t they be doing other activities like art and reading?

There’s no doubt that technology is ever evolving today and the younger the children are, the more likely they will start using/adapting to all of the newest and latest technological advancements. But I remember the good old days when I was 7 and played outside. I didn’t really care for computers or the Internet.

What’s more interesting is that kids ages 5-8, about 21% have a Facebook page and ages 9-12, about 45% have a Facebook page. Crazy, isn’t it?

To check the article out, click on this link: AdWeek



  1. Thanh, I am so happy you posted about this topic as I, too, recall playing outside (in all weather conditions) from the time I got home from school (post homework when I was older) until my parents yelled for us to come in for dinner / baths, etc. There was NO internet then, cell phones, or of course, social media. And, I wonder of what importance social media needs to have in a minor’s life today…(I think, very little if any personally.) They don’t need to ‘network’; they do that already on the playground, while bike riding and playing house. Where does social media and the internet play into fostering a child’s imagination today?


  2. I completely agree, It started to hit me that the generation behind me started to use Facebook when I received a friend request from my second cousin. I used to babysit him and honestly was a little reluctant to “accept” the request. Not because the content on my profile (I make sure to keep mine pretty professional) but because it was just strange that a kid in middle school was using social media. I am curious to see what happens in the coming years!

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