Get over it.  Paid internships do not exist.  You’re destined to spend at least three months of your life getting coffee, making copies, and picking up your boss’s laundry for free. Right?

Wrong.  Paid internships are everywhere if you know where to look.  I’m not going to say they aren’t competitive, they are, but they do exist.  But, only looking on your college career center database isn’t going to cut it.  Most paid internships do not make it easy for you to find them. You’ve got to do your own research.  If you want to work in advertising, go to the agency websites and look up their intern information.  (It’s usually under the career section.)

Below is a list of a few agencies in the Philadelphia area that I know pay their interns, and a few outside the area as well.  Just remember, beggers can’t be choosers.  Paid internships are a God send especially when so many companies try to exploit their interns for free labor.  If you get the job and they ask you make copies, do it.  And do it with a smile on your face.  Make those copies the best darn copies they’ve ever seen.  After all, you are getting paid.

Recap:  If you’re doing work, you should get paid.  (That includes the occasional Starbucks run too.)

Agencies that Pay

If you know of anymore, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list.