Fashion Editorial

The idea of teamwork at a fashion magazine is learned during the first shoot as an intern that you work on. A fashion editorial feature begins with the inspiration and ideas of the fashion director. Following up with the research of great “looks”, appropriate photographer, the scouting of gorgeous models, and the finding of an excellent location. After all of the elements are decided a shoot idea is then finalized. The associate fashion and acccesories editors then go to work to get the most in-demand and important ready-to-wear and accessories in to the magazine office to be sent on to set. A final run-through is then planned and the first choices, second choices, and extras are chosen to go to set. The interns are responsible for the safe trafficking, setting up, packing and tracking of the ever-valuable samples for the shoot.

As an intern I was responsible for aiding on the setting up at set for one of the December issue shoots. Packing the looks and sending what was to be shot is one of the most important jobs that the interns have concerning a shoot. So much hard work, late nights, structure and logging has to go in to preparing and the smooth functioning of a fashion editorial shoot. Two weeks ago the first shoot I have ever worked on hit the newsstands in the December issue of W Magazine; Family Circus, shot by Paolo Roversi and styled and directed by Alex White. When I first saw it I immediately looked to see what ready to wear or couture and accessories had finally been chosen for the feature. Second I thought about the process that led up to the final product and all of the people involved. Without a huge team of one fashion director, several assistants, associate editors, and many interns, those 12 pages of fashion editorial bliss would not have existed. Flipping through the pages of the most recent W has truly taught me that teamwork is the most essential part of a magazine or any company for that matter.

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