Favorite Project

My favorite project during the entire internship was for a section of the store called ‘Diener’.  This part of the store is where home goods are sold, bath towels, plates, etc.  The concept was a kind of 1950’s diner feel.  Some of the things we made were paper cups cut and sewn together with bright red thread and placed as a display along the wall, paper red and white checkered place mats on the tables that held the kitchenware, and giant towering spirals of paper napkins placed on wooden dowels.  The wall of this section of the store was painted blue with a beautiful portrait of a 1950’s style woman painted by one of our interns.

I worked on the prep work for the paper cups and also did one of the spiraling napkin towers.  This took a very long time.  Napkins had to have a circular hole drilled in the center and then were placed one by one on a long wooden dowel and slightly turned with each napkin to make a spiraling effect.  We went through tens of thousands of napkins with the three large and one small napkin towers.  The effect was beautiful and the towers were hung from the ceiling in the center in Diener.  The amazing part is when it was finished, it did not even look like napkins but all that was used to make it were napkins, hot glue, a wooden dowel, and a few hours!

Napkin Tower

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