Finally, it’s about time.

As a technical writing intern at Philadelphia Gas Works that started this January, I haven’t been doing much work related to advertising. Once again, technical writers deal with the communication between a piece of paper and the audience. I always like to use the example of how the manuals that are given when purchasing a piece of furniture from Ikea were written by tech writers. I’ve written some documents, however, not as much as I wanted to. I’ve seen and worked with many of the tech writers here and they are truly clever. I always see them as advertisers because they are constantly using the right words and descriptions in order to explain to our employees of what a product does or entails. That’s what they are there for.

Since my last post, I am practically finished with my Windows 7 Compatibility spreadsheet. It’s something I’ve been working on since the beginning, and to finish it as one piece does feel rewarding. It was so tedious but it was nice that people acknowledged the time I put into it. The spreadsheet deals with all of Philadelphia Gas Works’ current applications and lists them by product manufacturer, product name, version number, instance (number of users), status, and any comments. The current applications totaled up to 860 meaning I had to research and document if each and every one of those applications were compatible with Windows 7 OS. I’ve done other written documents  in addition to the spreadsheet, however, I want to get closer to advertising.

A few months ago, a fellow Marketing/Corporate Communications Manager found out I was in school pursuing an advertising career and mentioned a position opening for a Corporate Communications Intern. I was excited because a couple of other employees had mentioned my name to her and told them some of the work I’ve done here at PGW. It was very helpful and eye-opening to see I am finally getting to where I want to be.

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