Finding My Way at M

Since the end of August, I’ve spent three days a week down on Church Street learning the inner workings of a small agency and getting a taste of what our professor’s have always been referring to as “the real world”. My time at M has been above all else, a challenging yet rewarding learning experience.

As a creative, there are days where you feel like you did little to nothing, where you came up with zero ideas that seem even half-way decent. There was a time this semester when this really got to me. It even had me questioning if this is really what I want to do, if I’m even capable of doing it. But then I began to read Hey Whipple Squeeze This, a book recommended by both my Creative Director Rob, as well as professor Joe Glennon. I’ve only just begun to read the book, but it made me realize this is simply part of the creative process. This is the reality of the job.

I now know that there will be days where you stare at a piece of paper, a blank word document, the floor, the ceiling, your co-workers, and still nothing comes to mind. And I now know that’s okay. There are tricks to brainstorming and tactics you can add to your creative process that can help, some of which Rob has shared with me in addition to some really awesome books (this includes The Do-It Yourself Lobotomy, copywriters should definitely check it out). This is just something that comes from experience, from finding out for yourself. Everyone has their own unique creative process that they find on their own time. Little did I know my time at M was just helping me to find mine.

So as this semester comes to an end, I’ll continue my journey to find what works best for me, knowing that to choose this career path is to choose a challenge. But I’ll be ready to meet that challenge, armed with all that I’ve learned and experienced with agency M.

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