Finding the Right Fit

Being an intern is not an easy job. You are expected to learn a lot of new skillsets and deliver professional material in a short amount of time. Also, it can be incredibly difficult to balance an internship with a busy schedule filled with school, homework and a job on the side. But as stressful as it may be, the benefits of your hard work are undeniable. You absolutely get what you put into it.

I think one of the more important things to note is the importance of being at the right internship.  You don’t want to be a work slave, nor lost in the hustle of a huge staff, and definitely not part of the office’s coffee relay team. Luckily for me, I found a perfect fit at i-g creative doing graphic design. The company is relatively small, but you wouldn’t know it looking at their client list.

I am the only graphic design intern at i-g, and answer to the only Art Director for the company. This being said, there is more interaction and personal instruction that ultimately allows me to learn more and establish a better understanding of design and business practices. Another benefit of being in such an intimate setting is that I am given large amounts of actual client work, especially if the Art Director has a heavy workload for the week. Among the multitudes of work, I am given opportunities to design and execute flyers, web advertisements, logos, and restaurant menus. The best part: I never once have felt like any of my work was less valuable or important because I am an intern.

At i-g creative, my skills have greatly improved and I am gaining experience that will hopefully lead me to the next part of my career after graduation. Not everyday is exciting as others, but when looked at as a whole I am absolutely appreciative of the internship opportunity at i-g creative.




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